Frankie Fish: MG Review

34039199Frankie Fish and the Sonic Suitcase by Peter Helliar
Genre: Children 10+
Publication: 1st May 2017
Publisher: Hardie Grant Egmont
Source: Purchased Paperback
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Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

In his bestselling children’s novel, Australian writer & comedian Peter Helliar takes young readers on a hilarious time-travel adventure about mega mischief, missing limbs, and a grandad with a wicked secret.

Twelve-year-old Frankie Fish hates visiting his grandparents. Grandad Fish is cranky, and yells a lot, and has a creepy hook for a hand – plus he NEVER lets Frankie go inside his shed. But after a teensy tiny prank goes wrong at school, Frankie is packed off to Old-People Jail for the whole holidays.

What Frankie doesn’t know is that Grandad has been building a home-made TIME MACHINE in the Forbidden Shed, and the old man has big plans to get his missing hand back. But when Grandad goes back in time, he changes history and accidentally wipes out Frankie’s entire family – Nanna, Mum, Dad, even his annoying sister Saint Lou. Somehow, everyone is gone but Frankie and Grandad! And it’s only a matter of time until Frankie disappears too…

I’m a fan of Peter Helliar and a lover of time travel tales so I just had to buy this little baby.

Frankie Fish and the Sonic Suitcase is a humorous action packed tale of a Granddad and Grandson tackling the perils of time travel together. Both the young and old learn valuable lessons along the way and the two different generations of the Fish family bond while on their accidental adventure together.

There are wonderful lessons for the younger reader threaded through Helliar’s humour. Lessons about knowing when pranks go too far, the importance of love and family, and of knowing when to leave mistakes in the past and move forward.

I am looking forward to sharing this book with my son when he is a little older.

I don’t think you could read this book and not enjoy it!

Bring on Frankie’s next adventure!

The Undays of Aralias Lyons by K.L. Horvath

26043206The Undays of Aralias Lyons by K.L. Horvath


Kindle Edition, 348 pages.
Published December 8th 2015 by Booktrope Editions (first published May 10th 2014).

I received a copy from the Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Don’t miss K.L. Horvath’s compelling time travel fantasy with talking beasts, iron monsters, otherworldly creatures and a desperate father!

For centuries the great Houses of Time have watched over the mythical creatures, those who manipulate the past for their own ends and humankind. But now the houses have dwindled and few are left who remember the mandates. One, in fact, is determined to put the world in its proper place—beneath his rule.

To do that, he’s kidnapped Jack Lyons, the youngest of the Time Travelers. And to get him back and defeat Bliss, Lord Aralias Lyons, Jack’s father, will do anything he has to. He’ll fight wicked spiders, an army of clockwork men, let his son suffer and manipulate time itself in order to right what Bliss has put wrong. He’ll even allow the innocent Miss Clara Heartwell to discover more about the Travelers than most mortals know.
Through secret and deadly deals with dragons, battles back in time and with Jack himself, Aralias has to think smarter, act faster, and be more decisive. Because in the end, saving Jack is all that matters … GOODREADS.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * My Thoughts * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Where to start? I guess you could say the main characters were Aralias Lyons, his son Jack, a woman by the name of Clara Heartwell, Nicholas Seraph and the bad guy of the story, Simeon Bliss. Bliss had minions and Aralia’s also had other family members in the mix. Aralias is not quite human. He is a 223-year-old traveler. A guardian of the rotating sun. A traveler of time. His son Jack starts the story out at 9, but becomes 14 by the end.

I found myself flip flopping with this book. From loving it one minute, Aralias riding a Pegasus in battle. To thinking ‘oh shut up’ at Clara and Aralias banter the next.

For me the story didn’t really start to pick up until we see Jack using his powers for the first time and future Jack coming back to warn his dad about Bliss’s Dragon attack – this all happened around the 20-30% – so it was a bit of a slow starter for me.

What I liked: The detailed Victorian-Steampunk-awesomeness! Aralias fight through time to save his son and as it turned out, the whole of time itself. Individually I liked all the characters and felt they all had their own purpose in the story.

What I Didn’t: I love romance in adventure stories, but I didn’t click with Clara and Aralias. I think the father-son-bond would have been more than enough to push this story along. I liked Clara and felt she was important to the story, but the romance between her and Aralias was awkward, unnecessary and frustrating. I think if she just grew to be their adventure loving friend the story would have flowed better.

I think the idea for this story is brilliant and I’m glad I read it. But sadly I wasn’t blown away. 3 I liked it

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Time Shifters

5234978Time Shifters by Shanna Lauffey


An ancient people who can move through time or space…

A secret that never should have been revealed…

One day in a Los Angeles restaurant, Akalya of the Harekaiian witnesses the capture of several of her people and is the only one to get away. Now it is up to her to rescue the captives and learn how… and why… they are being apprehended.

The key lies in discovering who is behind the hunt for her people, when no one should have known they existed.

My Thoughts:

My only complaint with this book was that it was too short, I wanted it to never end. I’ve just gone and Liked Shanna’s Facebook page because I want to know immediately when the second instalment is out.

I really like Shanna’s take on Time travel. I was immediately drawn into the world of the Harekaiian. The main character is a female by the name of Akalya, she felt real and warm to me, I immediately cared about her. Akalya is a Harekaiian and she possesses the ability to move through space and time. Akalya witnesses some of her own kind being kidnapped and takes it upon herself to rescue the captives.

I really enjoyed this story it was fast paced and I didn’t want to put it down. Shanna gives us mystery, suspense, characters you can feel for, plot twists and romance. Even with all the time shifting and jumping around going on Shanna’s writing is of such high quality that as a reader you don’t get lost and are able to keep up with the fast passed action.

As this is the first Novella in a Ten part series and you can tell that the dark dealings of the ‘bad guys’ are only just coming to light and things are only going to get more intense and more interesting.

I am really looking forward to see how it all concludes.

According to Shanna’s website Time Shifters is only available in eBook on Amazon at the moment, but don’t despair if your still not on the eBook train the paperback is in progress and you’ll be able to grab a copy soon. Keep an eye on Shanna’s website and FB page for updates.

Dementional by Tonya Cannariato

Dementional by Tonya Cannariato @tmycann

Goodreads Synopsis:

Mark Inman has two loves: particle physics and Sarah. She agrees to become his wife at the same time his experiment to find the Higgs boson goes off the rails.

Journey with Mark while his existence melts and reforms in unpredictable ways as the veils between realities thin. His exploration of the minutiae of quantum physics builds a fascinating tapestry of alternate universes.

His search for survival, and the search for meaning and what is real, drive Mark as he experiences lives he never dreamed possible. His only touchstones: find Sarah and find his way home.

My Thoughts:

“I’m beginning to think every timeline has a moment of crisis – a turning point when that reality’s participants are forced to choose whether their space-time implodes or evolves.”

Thank you Tonya, Five Stars. The last couple of books I’ve reviewed didn’t had any love in them, this did, THANK YOU. So so so much love. This is a beautiful story about True Love and Soul Mates. This adventure through time and parallel dimensions, gives us science to make us think and an everlasting bond between a husband and wife that makes you feel good inside.

I really enjoyed this book, it was fresh and unlike everything else I’ve been reading lately. I loved how the story made me think about parallel and alternate versions of myself. I wanted Mark to shift to the next dimension, but then I didn’t because I was enjoying it, I wanted him to get home. I was so caught up and wanted to see how it would all end, but I was mourning the loss of Petal as well. I loved how even amongst the scientific research and theories that spiritualty and love was all up in there as well. I don’t want to say too much and give the story away (Go & Read it), but I loved going on this trip with Mark and Sarah it was brilliant.

Authors Good reads page: 

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Weekly Writing Challenge: Time Machine

Weekly Writing Challenge: Time Machine. This is my first time doing a fiction piece for my entry. I normally relate the topic to my life somehow but this time I decided to do a flash fiction piece. Hope you like it.

Stephanie stood in a state of shock. She just couldn’t fathom it. The strikingly handsome man standing in front of her was telling her his name was Rylan and he was her great grandson from the future and they had to go into the past to save the whole family from a curse that was playing out in his lifetime. Steph needed to sit down. Steph needed at double shot of tequila.

The more she looked at Rylan the more she thought he looked familiar, the more she saw a resemblance between him and her high school sweetheart Tom. He had Tom’s vibrant emerald eyes, scruffy unruly dark brown hair and the shame shaped face, although she never got to see Tom reach his full potential as a man. When she looked at Rylan’s strong broad form, she couldn’t help imagine that’s how he would have turned out. Too beautiful for words.

As Rylan lead her outside to his time machine, which to her eyes just looked like an old beaten up Hilux 4WD Ute. She couldn’t help but think about the last time she had seen Tom. They had been fifteen at the time. Neither of their families approved of their connection. Rylan was from a very wealthy family with a money hungry ogre of a father. Tom’s father wanted Rylan to focus on his studies and join the family law firm or follow in his mother’s footsteps and become a well noted surgeon. Nothing less would do and as far as he was concerned Stephanie and her whole family would ruin the Goodwells reputation.

As for Steph’s family, her father had been killed in a coal mining accident when she was only fine and she’d grown up an only child living with her Grandmother Martha and mother May, both practising loyal religious Wiccans. The three of them lived as green a life as possible, loving and respecting nature, but this ‘hippy’ approach made the neighbourhood think they were crazy hippies and witches.

While all three of the ladies had traditional witchy powers the reason the natural witches blood line had survived so long was because they didn’t go around reading people fortunes or making love potions, or messing with fate or other people’s lives. They simply worshiped and worked the land and tried to keep their ceremonies a secret.

Tom knew what Steph was, she had let him carry out simple thankfulness and happiness ceremonies with him. In fact he was the only person she’d ever spoke to outside of the family about any of it. Everyone at school just thought she was some tree loving hippy and she was ok with that.

Steph was snapped out of her daydream to reality when she saw inside the old Hilux. Where the simple old Hilux Dash should have been there was flashing lights, buttons and things she couldn’t describe, it looked like something out of a fighter jet. A futurist fighter jet. She questioned Rylan as to what exactly he needed her help with and where they were going. Problem was she wasn’t really listening, she kept thinking about Tom. So when there was a high pitch squeal and a flash of bright white light she had no idea what was going on.

As the light faded and she looked around, she was in the bush up the back of her old high school. But this bush didn’t exist anymore it had been turned into a shopping complex and a new housing estate. She got out of the Hilux / Time Machine and looked around dazed, as she looked back down towards the school, she could she two kids running flat out to get back inside the grounds. It was her and Tom. It sent a shiver down her spine, so many times had her and Tom snuck out of the grounds to muck around in the caves at the back of the school.

Stephanie looked around for Rylan still trying to believe what her eyes saw. Rylan was standing at the entrance of one of the caves beckoning her in, she shook her head as she reached where he was standing and demanded to know what was going on and why he had brought her here, he rolled his eyes and went into a long winded explanation, she only caught bits of it as she was staring back down the hill reminiscing. She caught about this much; On this day in the caves she had lost a bracelet and Rylan had brought her back to find it, because unbeknown to her, her mother or her grandmother the bracelet that had been passed down through the family wasn’t just a good luck type charm bracelet as they had always thought, it did in fact have secret shielding abilities against something called a Vaper, she didn’t want to know what that was. She was confused as to why he couldn’t just look for it himself, but he stated that no one had ever seen it since her, so he didn’t know what it looked like. Strange she thought, but she continued to describe it. She was really starting to think that nothing made sense, like how did he know she lost it on this day and how did he even know it ever existed, and hell a frigging time machine that looked like an old Ute. Before she could make up her mind as were to go from here, Rylan shouted ‘’FOUND IT” and held the Amethyst and Onyx bracket that Steph hadn’t seen for years in his hand. Steph was starting to worry that she may have made some sort of monumental mistake, but she got no impression of evil or wrong doing from Rylan, in fact when she read his soul, he seemed perfectly pure. This puzzled her even more.

Rylan hurried her back to the Ute and before she knew it she was standing on the curb of her apartment block watching Rylan drive down the street then bursting into a ball of light.

She felt like she was going to pass out, she was so overwhelmed. She went inside and made a cup of tea, but nothing would calm her down. She went down to the garages and reversed out her hybrid Honda Civic and floored the little engine as fast as she could over to her Grandmother and Mother’s house, the house she grew up in, there she thought she’d be safe and could talk this all out with her favourite two people on earth.

As Steph pulled into the street she saw a black BMW parked out the front of their house. Her whole body started to shake and her vision went fuzzy. She was screaming at herself in her head “WHAT HAVE I DONE”. As she got out of her car and walked to the front door she could see her mum talking to someone, he turned around and at first she thought it was Rylan, then he spoke and called out her name. It was Tom. She promptly passed out and fell in a heap on the front lawn.

The end …… Or is it?

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