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Bookish Babble: Y16.W14

Aussie Author Quote Edition: I haven’t read Stormdancer yet so I am not sure of the context, so the fact that I used an image of people kissing as the background maybe a lil bit off, BUT when I read this quote I thought in… Continue Reading “Bookish Babble: Y16.W14”

Bookish Babble: Y16.W10

I was checking up on series that I’m waiting on the next books in > which took me the The Soul Thief and this quote I liked from it > which lead me into making this weeks babble about wizards. The Wizards Edition: Wizard. Noun. (in legends and fairy tales)… Continue Reading “Bookish Babble: Y16.W10”

Bookish Babble: Y16.W2

Agatha Edition: Did You Know: Agatha Christie wrote romance under the pseudonym Mary Westmacott. I didn’t until I started search for stuff for this babble! Until Next Time 🙂 Enjoy Your Shelves 🙂

Mop Stroud, A life in two acts with many scenes

Mop Stroud, A life in two acts with many scenes – Betty Stroud This book was written by my Grandmothers Cousin Betty and the book is Betty’s mother’s life story. I think she has wonderfully captured the essence of Mary aka Mop, as I… Continue Reading “Mop Stroud, A life in two acts with many scenes”