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Ring Ring: Spilled Thoughts

The phone rings and I get a jolt to the guts like someone has kicked me. I feel like I am going to bring up my lunch. I answer the phone, ramping up my fake happy mode, asking “how may I help you” and… Continue Reading “Ring Ring: Spilled Thoughts”

I Can’t: a poem

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Now you are two

Most days the only thing that holds me together is you. You are my breaking point and my glue. For you the world must seem so shiny, bright and new. At only two you still have your whole life in front of you. As… Continue Reading “Now you are two”

The New Year

Christmas is over for another year and as it goes it drains me of all my cheer Regardless of your religion I hope you got to be with the ones you love And found solace in whatever you believe is above We go into… Continue Reading “The New Year”

Today is your birthday

Today is your birthday And I hope you’re doing well I contemplate sending you a message But quickly realise it won’t reach you in your personal hell Is it you that’s stuck Or is it me that dwells In a place of memories And… Continue Reading “Today is your birthday”

Why Won’t It Do

In this world I have everything But it just won’t do Always left wanting more As desire tries to break down the door I can be so materialistic at times That it makes me sick Actually sometimes it causes me to act like a… Continue Reading “Why Won’t It Do”

Not Giving Up

So much pressure in my head I feel so sleepy and I miss my bedI need a break to recharge my smileBecause I’ve lost itIt hasn’t be around for a whileThese new drugs aren’t kicking inMy point of view is getting rather dimI’m not… Continue Reading “Not Giving Up”

Karma Knows the Truth

Stirring shit You better think quick Before you get bit And blown away How sad your life must be To spend your time causing so much misery Spinning your lies until the world dissolves to grey The people that you mess with Can only… Continue Reading “Karma Knows the Truth”

Happy Birthday Riley

To celebrate my Son’s First birthday I am making both of my Poetry eBooks available for FREE on Smashwords until the 27th of July. My Mind The Menace: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/423080 The world Around Me: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/443439

My First Ever YouTube Video

The greatest prison people live in is the fear of what other people think. With that in mind, I am going to suck it up and just post this video! Arms Around Me I want to run and hide Down deep inside How happy… Continue Reading “My First Ever YouTube Video”