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Toot Your Horn

Today’s post presents us with “Most of us are excellent at being self-deprecating, and are not so good at the opposite. Tell us your favourite thing about yourself’’. Self-deprecating yep that’s me. My favourite part of myself is my overactive imagination. My overactive imagination… Continue Reading “Toot Your Horn”

Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge

Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge (week 13) My Ellie Girl doing what she loves, RUNNING!!!!! Ellie is my three year old, very short Wolfhound cross, but you wouldn’t know she had any wolfhound in her looking at her. She is loving, playful and very energetic. She… Continue Reading “Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge”

Today was a first: I took Ellie and Riley for a walk together

Today was a first: I took Ellie and Riley for a walk together. Normally when I go for a walk it’s just my son and I and if my husband comes he brings the dogs. I can’t hold onto all three – 1. Riley in… Continue Reading “Today was a first: I took Ellie and Riley for a walk together”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

  My Ellie Girl (not sure if she’s looking guilty or worried). I laughed when I opened my emails this morning and saw that this weeks photo challenge is ‘Unexpected’. My photos are not of anything unexpected, but the story behind them was. This Morning at 4.30… Continue Reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected”