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Review: Love, The Lion by Brremaud and Bertolucci

LOVE volume 3: THE LION by Frederic Brremaud and Federico Bertolucci Pub Date: 12th July 2016 by Magnetic Press and Diamond Book Distributors Thank you, Brremaud, Bertolucci and NetGalley for giving me an ARC in exchange for an honest review. The third volume in the… Continue Reading “Review: Love, The Lion by Brremaud and Bertolucci”

Review on My Mind The Menace

Below is a review Stephan Attia posted on Goodreads about my Poetry eBook ‘My mind the menace’ by Sarah Fairbairn is an expressive, emotive, and intriguing book of poetry which shook me off balance and reminded me that life was meant for all humans to… Continue Reading “Review on My Mind The Menace”

Mop Stroud, A life in two acts with many scenes

Mop Stroud, A life in two acts with many scenes – Betty Stroud This book was written by my Grandmothers Cousin Betty and the book is Betty’s mother’s life story. I think she has wonderfully captured the essence of Mary aka Mop, as I… Continue Reading “Mop Stroud, A life in two acts with many scenes”