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September 2019 Bookish Summary

Total books read in August: 7 Comics/ Graphic Novels = 1 | #LoveOzYA / #LoveNzYA = 1 | the remainder = 5 The Ritual (Tales of Mentara #2) by Ashley Uzzell A YA fantasy about a rag tag band of kids who end up accidentally trapped in another… Continue Reading “September 2019 Bookish Summary”


Total books read in August: 3 The Forbidden Wish (The Forbidden Wish #1) by Jessica Khoury A dreamy retelling of Aladdin, that dare I say I prefer to the Disney version. The writing is beautiful and the action captivating. This version has so many… Continue Reading “AUGUST 2019 BOOKISH SUMMARY”


Total books read in June/July: 14 Comics/ Graphic Novels = 6 | #LoveOzYA / #LoveNzYA = 6 | the remainder = 2 Comics: In the last two months I continued reading the Runaways and Heartstopper series and started reading the Lumberjanes series. I’m still really enjoying the Runaways… Continue Reading “June/July 2019 BOOKISH SUMMARY”

April 2019 Bookish Summary

Total books read in April: 6 Comics/ Graphic Novels = 0  |  #LoveOzYA / #LoveNzYA = 2 |  the remainder = 4 Highway Bodies by Alison Evans #LoveOZYA Highway Bodies is an utterly Australian and brilliantly Queer Zombie Apocalypse story with heart and soul. It is… Continue Reading “April 2019 Bookish Summary”

March 2019 Bookish Summary

Total books read in March: 6 Comics/ Graphic Novels = 3  |  #LoveOzYA / #LoveNzYA = 0 |  the remainder = 3 The Quiet at the End of the World by Lauren James. A YA Sci-Fi tale that follows Lowrie and Shen, the last teenagers on… Continue Reading “March 2019 Bookish Summary”

February 2019 Bookish Summary

Total books read in February: 8 Comics/ Graphic Novels = 2  |  #LoveOzYA / #LoveNzYA = 3 |  the remainder = 3 I Had Such Friends by Meg Gatland-Veness #LoveOzYa [Full Review Here]. The story follows Hamish during his last year of high school. We journey… Continue Reading “February 2019 Bookish Summary”

December 2018 Bookish Summary

Ah, tis the season to end up in car park queues because you realise on Christmas eve that you forgot to buy more dog food when you did the grocery shopping the previous week to try and avoid going near the shops that close… Continue Reading “December 2018 Bookish Summary”

November 2018 Bookish Summary

Total books read in November = 11 Comics/Graphic Novels = 4 #LoveOzYA / #LoveNzYA = 2 the remainder = 5 The Rift by Rachael Craw. Published November 1st, 2018 by Walker Books Australia [View on Goodreads]. A gripping tale of an isolated island with paranormal secrets… Continue Reading “November 2018 Bookish Summary”

October 2018 Bookish Summary

The start of last month was an emotional one for my entire family. We held our heads high and celebrated our matriarch, my grandmother’s life. She illuminated this earth with her light for 91 years. I will mourn her for the rest of my… Continue Reading “October 2018 Bookish Summary”

July 2017 Round Up

Books Read: 7 Where the Wild Mums Are by Katie Blackburn & Sholto Walker [Goodreads] Sometimes I really want to go where the wild mums are for a month or 12. My mum bought me this book, intuitive woman she is, must have been… Continue Reading “July 2017 Round Up”