I’M BACK (Holiday book haul)

So after 38 days away I’m back home. I’ve still got some more time off of work and am planing to do some work on the house, do up some sort of post/s about our Aussie Outback and Cape York 4WD family trip, as well as write reviews for the books I read while I was away.

I took a fair few books with me; 5 paper backs and my entire eBook collection – I managed to read 9. I hadn’t intended to buy any books while I was away, but I should have known better!! I’ve said it over and over in the last twelve months “I’m not buying any more books until I read the ones I have” HA! Yeah right I haven’t figured out how to manage that yet, they are always calling out for me to buy them. Damn needy things they are always crying out to be in my arms and once I’ve picked them up off of the shelf I’m a goner, I have to take them home.

ANYWAY so this is what I picked when I was trying not to:20150808_164131

Oops!! Two second hands and the rest brand new. But hey, I refrained from buying any eBooks 😛 and my eBook collection WAY out weights my paper backs. Yeah, that totally makes it ok.

The Cattle King and Meet Banjo Paterson were purchased from The Stockman’s Hall of Fame in Longreach – There is a story behind the Cattle King purchase but I’ll leave it for the review which I’ll post up soon.

The second hand Agatha Christie was picked up out of a book bin with a donation to the Royal Flying Doctor service at Adels Grove in Lawn Hill National Park. Reilly’s Ice Station was picked up at a book swap at the Lion’s Den Hotel, Rossville.

The Song of Achilles was purchased in Coffs Harbour, while I was looking for a present for my mum – Oops!

Crystal Kingdom, Percy Jackson and Pieces of Sky were picked up yesterday in Hamilton for National Bookshop Day – and yes I’m counting them in my holiday book haul as I’m still technically on holidays.

I’ll leave you now with funny cartoon while I try and write reviews on books I read at the start of July – oh dear.

Vacation Cartoon

Stroke of midnight

Well hello there 2014, nice to meet you.

I was in bed when 2013 turned into 2014 hoping that the crackers that had awoken me didn’t wake up my six month old son as I was exhausted and didn’t want a baby’s cry to ring in my new year.

No this wasn’t really where I wanted to be, I wanted to be camping with my parents, but alas with my husband’s work commitments we haven’t managed to go for the last five years or so. Why didn’t I go without him? Well my parents were away camping at Narrabri and I’d have been looking a 35-40 degree days in a tent with a six month old, yeah just wasn’t going to happen. Obviously we adults could handle the heat no worries, but my son won’t even sleep in his room unless it’s under 26 degrees and I really didn’t think It would be healthy for him in such high heat. Whenever my husband manages to get New Year’s off, Riley will be older and we can take him regardless. I really miss spending New Year’s camping with my family like I did as child.

It’s not all bad though my husband has Easter off and it’ll be cooler then. So come Easter my son will get to go on his first camping trip to Narrabri.

I’m looking forward to a good 2014 – I wish you all well.