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Me, Myself and Thrive: Product Review

I’ve felt further and further under the weather for years now. You might remember when I was chasing down all my aches and pains and trying to self-manage with essential oils. A while back I finally broke down, gave up and went crying to… Continue Reading “Me, Myself and Thrive: Product Review”

Potions, Pills and Nightmare Chills OH MY!

I’ve been trying so hard to go pain killer free, but my body continues to argue with me about it. Pain radiates from my lower back into the base of my skull and I can’t handle it anymore. I’ve got an appointment with a… Continue Reading “Potions, Pills and Nightmare Chills OH MY!”

I really would like my chin back!

So I have decided to take on Michelle Bridges 12 week body challenge. To get to my ideal body weight + BMI I need to lose 25 kilos. When I was pregnant and then breastfeeding with my son I lost ten kilos just from… Continue Reading “I really would like my chin back!”


I have NEVER made a New Year’s Resolution that I have kept, ever!!! Each year I always say I’m going to get fit and get some savings in the bank, blah blah blah, but this year I have to do it for my six… Continue Reading “Resolved”


Shine by Justine Edward Goodreads Synopsis: Shine is a children’s book with a BIG difference. Designed to empower and encourage, this series of positive affirmations will have children smiling from ear to ear. Illustrated by 7 yr old Karl Gabriel who has been diagnosed… Continue Reading “Shine”

Going for a walk

I went for a walk today along the water near where I live for the first time since I started back at work part time. It had been three weeks and when I’m not walking regularly I forget how much I enjoy it and… Continue Reading “Going for a walk”