Bookish Babble: Y16.W4


I saw this on Instagram and loved it! I spend the bare minimum on everything I can (clothes included) for myself, my husband and the house. The only thing I put before books is my son. I buy no name toilet paper, tampons and juice, but Riley gets huggies nappies and when he was on formula I was buying the most expensive there was.

Where am I going with today’s Babble – I don’t even know UMMMM – sorry I haven’t pre-thought this week through. I just saw the above picture yesterday and had to share it LOL.

Bitch please! If you’re buying books it does equal happiness!

Yeah OK, valid point! I have been telling my husband that I want to get our son into a weekly habit of walking up to the library and borrowing books. But some books you simply HAVE to own.

10 ways to save money!

1. Don’t leave the house! other than to go to work, a library or the supermarket (I pretty much already do this).

2. Walk to work, the library and the supermarket (good idea, says the lazy bitch who drives everywhere).

3. At the supermarket all you will buy is no-name peanut butter, soy milk and trail mix (apparently you could survive like this, think i’d be ill after the first few days).

4. Don’t have pets (says the woman with two dogs and a husband).

5. Don’t have kids (says the woman with a 2.5 year old).

6. Go to the library (no comment, you really should) or

7. Rob a book store, so you’ll have enough books to nourish your soul – as there will be nothing else left in your life (hmm I think that’d be a criminal offence, HEY you can read in jail AND they cover all your food etc).

8. If you’re too much of a pansy to rob a book store and too lazy to walk to the library, re-read the books you own (don’t rob a book store).

9. Sell your soul and you’ll never have money trouble again (this is true, but without your soul will you enjoy your financial freedom).

10. Ok this list is ridiculous and probably not even funny – so that’ll do!

Until Next Time 🙂 Enjoy Your Shelves 🙂

Check out Sarah Anderson’s Instagram HERE she’s funny as 🙂

The New Year


Christmas is over for another year

and as it goes it drains me of all my cheer

Regardless of your religion I hope you got to be with the ones you love

And found solace in whatever you believe is above

We go into the new year with the world in distress

The minority hurting the majority and making a mess

Mother nature is crying but no one hears

Because some bloody mongrels are shouting out bad ideas

Ignore these monsters

We can block them out by standing together

Forgetting our differences

and just loving each other

It is in mankind’s nature to only think of its self

Hence why the earth is disintegrating into hell

plant a tree and get to know your neighbour

recycle as much as you can and never renege on a favour

We’ve all got problems

but this world is in serious decline

I want there to be a happy healthy world in which my children can grow

Not this dark and decaying one that is starting to show


I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and you got be be with the people you love. I was lucky enough to get to be with most of the people I hold dear.

Now I’m going to have some time away from the internet; bar Facebook and Instagram, as I don’t want to give up seeing everybody hanging out taking happy snaps and enjoying time with family :-).

I’ll be back on the 8th of January with a release day sneak peek for a lovely lady and her paranormal detective series. I’ll return to my regular posting schedule on the 17th with my first Bookish Babble of 2016. I’ll see you then.

Riley and Me

Motherhood: The hardest yet most rewarding job ever!

Twelve months on and this little man keeps making me happier than I’ve ever been and more in love with him (even when he is chucking a tantrum like he is now while i’m trying to write this).


100 Happy Days (81-100)

I have been partaking in the 100 Happy Days challenge, sharing my Happy Days with my Facebook and Twitter friends. I started the challenge back on the 21st of March, so last Saturday was my 100th day, few it’s over!!

I really enjoyed the first forty days, but after that it got a bit tedious. I don’t need to post a photo a day to remind myself of the awesome things in my life or to grateful; I get that feeling every time I see my son smile.

Day81: No happy days photo today, feeling rather blue.

Day81: No happy days photo today, feeling rather blue.

Day82: Still in a funk, no happy days photo today.

Day82: Still in a funk, no happy days photo today.


Day83: Makes my heart all warm and tingly having this in my hand. My print proof for My Mind The Menace came in the mail today, even though I’ve decided not to do separate print books and combine my eBooks in one (which the proof for should be turning up in a week or so) there is still something exciting about seeing your name in print.


Day84: Riley having a play with his brothers from another mother this arvo. kiddlet’s Thursday play date.


Day85: Riley ate a whole slice a Vegemite toast all by himself with little mess, he normally won’t eat anything unless it’s puréed, fingers crossed he keeps it up #100happydays (no photo).

Day86: Well after a year, I finally got over it and made my first YouTube video, please be kind Bahahahahaha – Arms Around Me (a Poem):


Day87: Awesome a five star review for My Mind The Menace (ok so it was posted yesterday, but I only had the change to read it today).

Day88: I have a bit of a sore throat, but I also have chocolate ice cream, so it's all good #100happydays - yummy yum yummo.

Day88: I have a bit of a sore throat, but I also have chocolate ice cream, so it’s all good #100happydays – yummy yum yummo.

Day89: Yeah today just didn’t happen.

Day89: Yeah today just didn’t happen.

Day90: haha so much for #100happydays - Thank you Pseudoephedrine & cough lollies for getting me through today. Bring on sleepy time!!!!!

Day90: haha so much for #100happydays – Thank you Pseudoephedrine & cough lollies for getting me through today. Bring on sleepy time!!!!!


Day91: Going for a ride with the hubby, then watching my not so little anymore bubba boy enjoy a bubble bath #beautiful #bliss #100happydays.

Day91: Going for a ride with the hubby, then watching my not so little anymore bubba boy enjoy a bubble bath #beautiful #bliss #100happydays.

Day92: Yeah, Nup!

Day92: Yeah, Nup!


Day93: My bubba boy is even feeding himself now #100happydays.


Day94: Other than a little bit of house work and keeping Riley clean and feed – These are my plans for a lazy Sunday on the couch #Reading #Relaxing #100happydays

Day95: I’m enjoying watching Riley pull his dad’s (Shane) hair and giggle #100happydays #CheekyBoy (no photo).


Day96: Riley sporting an adorable bubble beard #100happydays.

Day97-98: Flat out, didn’t have time to stop and take a photo.

Day99: Happy First Birthday Riley #100happydays – It’s been a year since you stormed into my life and you keep making it better and better.


Day100: Riley’s First Birthday Party #WooHoo #100happydays #PartyTime.

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100 Happy Days (61-80)

I have been partaking in the 100 Happy Days challenge, sharing my Happy Days with my Facebook and Twitter friends. I started the challenge back on the 21st of March, so yesterday was my 80th day.

As you’ll see I’ve missed a few this time around. I’ve been feeling rather wishy washy lately and just not having a ”happy day”.

Day61: I Introduced Riley to his first dandelion today. I still pick these things, blow and make a wish & I’ll probably will do it till the day I die.

day61Day62: Yeah today just didn’t happen.

Day63: Went for a walk this arvo and then got some ice cream with my two favourite boys at Warners Bay.day63

Day64: The hubby brought home chocolate.day64

Day65: Having snuggles with my baby boy.day65

Day66: Today didn’t happen either.

Day67: Riley’s running amuck being adorable while Shane is cooking us dinner. Love my boys.day67

Day68: Look what turned up in the mail today Rev Girl by Leigh Hutton. Now I’ve got to finish the book I’m in the middle of so I can read it. day68aday68b

Day69: You’ve got to love how easy it is to please a child. I bought Riley a $5 hippo toy today and it hasn’t left his hands since.day69

Day70: Yeah today just didn’t happen.

Day71: Hell yeah #100happydays. I had a good day at work, Riley’s birthday presents turned up, Shane Vacuumed and Mopped while I was at work (without being asked) and we’ve having fish for dinner. Life is awesome right this instant. I even managed to write 1250 words, a chapter for Audrey during my lunch break.day71

Day72: I’m so happy with my formatting work this time around on “the world around me” I’m ashamed at my poor job on “my mind the menace” I am seriously thinking about reformatting the whole thing lol.day72

Day73: Not a happy today. I spent the day being frustrated and trying to format my ebook, which was going so well yesterday.

Day74: Really not a happy day today, we’ve got our old buster boy in at the vets. Busters had some test done and we’re waiting for results. I took some photos of Riley giving him snuggles this morning in case he doesn’t come home.day74

Day75: Still No News on Buster.

Day76: Buster’s home, after a $950 vet bill 😦 But at least he’s home!

Day77: Ahh this Thursday feels like a Friday, but at least I’ve got pretty flowers on my desk to look at thanks to a customer (you can tell the kind of week I had when you see that I haven’t changed my calendar since monday, it wasn’t until I took this photo on my lunch break that I realised LOL).day77

Day78: love the sound of rain on the workshop’s tin roof, so calming and cosy.Day79

Day79: Yeah back in the blues, Today Didn’t Happen!

Day80: Riley’s asleep. Just made a mess with some paint making a poster for Riley’s first birthday and now I’m gunna sit down eat some popcorn and watch some Harry Potter until Riley wakes up and wants to play again #lifesgood #100happydays.Day80

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100 Happy Days (41-60)

I have been partaking in the 100 Happy Days challenge, sharing my Happy Days with my Facebook and Twitter friends. I started the challenge back on the 21st of March, so yesterday was my 60th day.

Day41: Snuggles with my cheeky bubba before he goes to bed and the hubby cooking me surf & turf.day41

Day42: Eating someone else’s leftover Easter eggs, oh yes I am.day42

Day43: pop pop goes the Bubble Wrap between my fingers.day43

Day44: Cute Shit – Fantastic Beasts.day44

Day45/46/47: So I’ve been feeling rather under the weather and haven’t put up a photo the last two days. But it really is hard to feel too sorry for oneself when this little monkey is roaming around being adorable.day45 46 47

Day48: Awwww day care art.day48

Day49: While I may have managed to get a fair bit done today during Riley’s sleeps, he’s been a crying mess with a bleeding gum as his third tooth comes in. So today really hasn’t been a happy day (No Photo). His bottom two teeth came up at once didn’t give him anywhere as much as this top ONE.

Day50: I didn’t post today, I attended a funeral of one of my beloved Aunts mothers, so out of respect no happy days were shared.

Day51: I get up and what to I see, this cheeky monkey looking at me, he made it out the gate and down the hall he ran, laughing and a giggling, making his escape as fast as he can. I picked him up and he giggled some more, then covered my face in wet baby kisses before I locked him behind the safety gate once more.day51

Day52: Having a family dinner at my Mum’s for Mother’s Day.day52aday52bDay53: Oops I forgot, too many things on my mind!!!

Day54: Today Riley let me have my first ever sleep in, he didn’t wake up until 7.50 woo hoo, I had even fell back asleep after Shane left at six. Thanks Riley we both obviously needed to catch up on a bit of sleep.day54

Day55: The cosy comfy vibe from the dining hall of the Great Northern where Shane and I had lunch and the food was oh so yummy.day55

Day56: both my boys ate their veggies tonight & if you knew my husband Shane you’d appreciate him eating roast carrot and pumpkin to set a good example for Riley.day56

Day57: It’s not that I didn’t have a happy day, I was just so tired by the end of it that I forgot to post a photo.

Day58: I took this photo of Riley this morning and I think It will end up being one of my all-time favourites of him. Just looking at him makes me smile.day58

Day59: I can still smell that overpowering fake vanilla scent. Shane cleaned out the fridge for me this morning. Woop Woop I didn’t have to do it.day59

Day60: I Didn’t manage a post today, as for the most part I was in bed feeling sorry for myself or in the bathroom feeling sorry for myself :-(.

And that’s why this is being posted today rather then yesterday. I am really hoping to get out from under this sick storm that keeps bringing me down.

100 Happy Days (21-40)

I have been partaking in the 100 Happy Days challenge, sharing my Happy Days with my Facebook and Twitter friends. I started the challenge back on the 21st of March, so today is the 40th day.

I did a 1-20 day round up post on WordPress before, so here is the 21-40 round up.

Day21: Just got my hair done for the first time since my son was born, I’m feeling good.

day 21

Day22: Wherever I go he wants to come to, makes me feel loved and needed.

day 22Day23: New shoes, I went shopping with the hubby this morning.

day 23Day24: I’m eating some yummy lollies from my cousins wedding yesterday and admiring how awesome my family 24

Day26: I was a bit blue yesterday and didn’t do a day 25 post, but watching Riley being cute as interacting with our dogs this morning more than made up for 26

Day27: Riley looking oh so cute this morning in his blanket onesie (it’s a onesie, made out of a blanket) I love this thing, he’s in a blanket – Awesome.Day27

Day-28-29-30-31-32-33: Easter Camping with the family & friends.Day 28 33

Day34: This stuff is magic, it heals babies (Riley’s Bum) and dogs (Buster’s fly bites /ears, Sassy’s face/chest rash) Magic I tell you.day34

Day35: Love morning snuggles with the bubby and the hubby.day35

Day36: Snapping some pics of Riley and his great granddad looking real spiffy.day36

Day37: This Kid (no he wasn’t hurt, he got right back up and kept playing). 

Day38: A good book and a cup of hot chocolate.day38

Day39: My work days over, getting in my car to go pick up my baby boy and take him home.day39

Day40: We went out for a drive in the Cruiser today and I got to do some driving, never mind that I drove through a deep mud hole and we got wet feet and carpet LOL.Wheels

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100 Happy Days (1-20)

I have been partaking in the 100 Happy Days challenge, sharing my Happy Days with my Facebook and Twitter friends. The thought struck me this morning as I was driving to work that I probably should have been sharing them on my blog also. So since its 100 days, I’ll do five some up 20 day posts instead. I started the challenge back on the 21st of March, so today is the twentieth day.

Day1:D1 I had I photo I took at work planned, but then I snapped this picture of Riley destroying the blinds and his cheeky awesomeness was just way better –Love this kid –Makes me happy just being his mum.



Day2: Shane did the vacuuming (even with his bugged shoulder) so I didn’t have to –Best husband ever— feeling loved.



Day3: After cleaning up Riley’s mess, I’m sitting back enjoying a cuppa while reading, enjoying a lazy Sunday.




Day4: Thank you Lord, Mother Earth, Peter Pan, who ever invented the Coffee Bean – my mornings would suck without it.




Day5: Eating breakfast enjoying my first attempt at home made yogurt and it’s YUMMY.




Day6: Emily must have another fund raiser because there’s a box of chocolate Freddo Frogs on the lunch room table. Oh well it’s a good excuse to eat heaps of chocolate.




Day7: I got my files uploaded this morning and then we had a family swim at Toronto pool.





Day8: Riley enjoying my homemade yogurt –Winning J.




Day9: lucky he’s so cute! No mummy I wasn’t going through the trash. Oh well seeing his smile is worth the clean-up.




Day10: Riley and I just finished off another tub, about to make our third and we still love it.



Day11: Finally got around to making a Facebook page for work—I’m feeling accomplished.




Day12: I finally got our Wills updated to include Riley LOL —I’m feeling organised.




Day13: this kid tearing up the concrete pad out at Boolaroo Bowmen club house.



Day14: doing the food shopping with my little helper, it’s nice having someone to talk to and smile up at me.

D15 2

Day15: We have awesome customers bringing us cakes to show us they appreciate us.





Day16: hanging with the family at my auntie Ruth’s 50th. I love my family SOOOO much.




Day17: I’m off to Newcastle for a poetry master class with Mark Tredinnick, So Excited.



Day18: Ice Magic – enough said.




Day19: oh yeah.


D19Day20: Giving a shout out to the lovely lady next door who purchased the house and kicked out the monsters. Thank you awesome lady I can now have the windows on that side of the house open. The most noise I’ve heard from her since she moved in is a lawn mower and the tingle of her cat’s bell, Woo Hoo heaven. I now consider myself very lucky as I have awesome neighbours, all around me –sure I don’t know what they do behind closed doors, but I can’t hear, see or smell them so I don’t care and they’re always friendly enough to say hello and wave when we do see each other.

Be Free

She sits alone in the dark

Afraid to light her torch

For fear of what she might see

She can hear the creatures crawling

How close they must be

The darkness in her mind all consuming

The beasts won’t let her be reprieved

Then someone steps up with their torches blazing

Attempting to help her be free

The light from their glow is rather daunting

She’s not sure if she can leave

She sees her surroundings

The stranger’s presence commanding

As he turns and starts to lead

She follows faithfully

And they find a better and brighter way to be

The stranger a stranger no more

He helped her find the strength to leave

Cover Forest DK



This Poem is out of my in progress collection “The World Around Me” that will, fingers crossed, be published soon.





My First Collection “My Mind The Menace” was published late last month. YAY! accomplished.

Check it out – If you Dare!