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Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

Even though i’m an only child, if you add up all my Aunties, Uncles and Cousins I have a fairly large family, but for this weeks photos i decided to go with a series of recent shots i took of My Dad, My Son… Continue Reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Family”

Way out of bounds

I trusted you You let me down You hit one Way out of bounds   My life, she fell apart Split right through my heart I can’t keep arguing with myself Need to hate Hate someone else   I trusted you You let me… Continue Reading “Way out of bounds”


Helplessness: that dull, sick feeling of not being the one at the reins – Today’s post asks us when did you last feel like that, helpless and what did you do about it? I laughed when I saw today’s post prompt, a bitter laugh!… Continue Reading “Helpless”

One day in bed

Here is another poem by a sixteen year old me!   It is pretty obvious that I cannot survive on my own And yet I sit here all alone This is my fault It is always going to be because my sin That need… Continue Reading “One day in bed”

Back to shore

I’m really not coping Feels as if I’m hardly floating Quick someone I need a roping To pull me back to shore

The Boy

He is no white light He is no knight in amour He is no saint He isn’t going to be your saviour He won’t save you You have to save yourself It’s all up to you You will get no help No help from… Continue Reading “The Boy”

Dark Cloud

Dark cloud over my head   Wish I could lift it   Think I’ll just cry instead

Words in my way

So this is taking a trip into the past, here is a poem I wrote when I was Sixteen, far-out that was nearly eleven years ago 😦 anyways I must have been really messed up over something at the time hmmmmm.   Words in… Continue Reading “Words in my way”

Hang Onto You

I hang onto you Hang onto what I know is true Hang onto the girls we used to be Hang onto the feeling That with you I’m free Free to be myself To heaven or hell and stuck here on this earth I’ll hang… Continue Reading “Hang Onto You”

Over The Hill

Over the hill and far away We keep getting older Everyday All we ever want to do Is go Back Back Back Instead we sit on our arses Getting grey and fat