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Luv from Dog by Murray Ball

  Romances come and go. But when a man suffers the scorn of a scented seductress, the pain of parting, the ache of a lonely heart, when he’s bursting with shame, humiliation and jealousy, where can he turn? To his best friend, of course:… Continue Reading “Luv from Dog by Murray Ball”

Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda

Post 41 of 365: Today’s post ask us to write about something we know we should do but don’t. This is the first 365 Writing Prompt Post I’ve managed to do for February, so maybe I should say; I Should do my 365 daily… Continue Reading “Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda”

Ripped from the headlines

Today’s post asks us to visit our favourite online news source and pick an article with a headline that grabs you and write a short story based on it. Now I’m going to give you the story, then I’ll tell you the headline!!! *****                           … Continue Reading “Ripped from the headlines”

Pet Rescue’s Amazing Dog Stories

Pet Rescue’s Amazing Dog Stories Pet Rescue is a fantastic organisation that does amazing work http://www.petrescue.com.au/ Here they have put together a book of varied stories all about, yep you guessed it – Dogs that have been rescued. There are stories of survival, loyalty and… Continue Reading “Pet Rescue’s Amazing Dog Stories”

Today was a first: I took Ellie and Riley for a walk together

Today was a first: I took Ellie and Riley for a walk together. Normally when I go for a walk it’s just my son and I and if my husband comes he brings the dogs. I can’t hold onto all three – 1. Riley in… Continue Reading “Today was a first: I took Ellie and Riley for a walk together”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

  My Ellie Girl (not sure if she’s looking guilty or worried). I laughed when I opened my emails this morning and saw that this weeks photo challenge is ‘Unexpected’. My photos are not of anything unexpected, but the story behind them was. This Morning at 4.30… Continue Reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected”