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Reading books

As a generalisation I won’t read a series until it’s finished. I hate the waiting. I dread falling in love with a book and not being able to read it’s follow up straight away and having to wait another year or so. I’m rather… Continue Reading “Reading books”

Close Call: A Doris and Jemma Vadgeventure

I’ve just finished reading Close Call: A Doris and Jemma Vadgeventure by Eloise March. Close call is an amusing story about a young women and her vagina, I giggled the whole way through, then got to the end and went ‘I want more’. I… Continue Reading “Close Call: A Doris and Jemma Vadgeventure”

Books I’ve Read Recently

I’ve decided to create a section on my blog ‘’Books I’ve read recently’’ dedicated to the books I read. I love to read, but can never seem to find the time, especially now with being back a work part time and a mum to… Continue Reading “Books I’ve Read Recently”