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Crying Babies

“Why is it that I am always the only one who hears our son crying in the night?” I ask for the millionth time. I wake even when my son makes the slightest carry on, but my husband sleeps soundly on. Well he sleeps… Continue Reading “Crying Babies”

Buffalo Nickel

Today’s Post entitled Buffalo Nickel asks us to dig through our couch cushions, purse or the floor of our car and look at the year printed on the first coin we find, and then write about what we were doing that year. Hahahaha well… Continue Reading “Buffalo Nickel”

Learning to drive

Memory: Learning to drive. My father is a very calm man, but I’ve never seen him as stressed as when he was trying to teach me to drive. He was in the process of fixing up an old Manuel Toyota Corolla for me, when I… Continue Reading “Learning to drive”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

Even though i’m an only child, if you add up all my Aunties, Uncles and Cousins I have a fairly large family, but for this weeks photos i decided to go with a series of recent shots i took of My Dad, My Son… Continue Reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Family”

Children Learn What They Live

Children Learn What They Live, By Dorothy Law Nolte, Ph.D. If children live with criticism, they learn to condemn. If children live with hostility, they learn to fight. If children with fear, they learn to be apprehensive. If children live with pity, they learn to… Continue Reading “Children Learn What They Live”


Kiddlets is a word I use instead of children, a cross between Kids and Piglets. Example – yeah Riley’s good, how are your kiddlets. It’s always been a me sort of word but when I yelled out to my husband tonight ‘have you got… Continue Reading “Kiddlets”

Riley’s First Christmas

This Christmas will be my sons first and to celebrate I’ve put together a post in photos of us putting up our Christmas tree – there is a story behind this old hand me down tree, but I’ll get to that after the photos… Continue Reading “Riley’s First Christmas”

Warning Body Wash & Baby

I have very sensitive skin and so have been playing it safe and just assuming my son also will have sensitive skin.   QV is one of the very few products that does not irritate my skin, so it’s all I’ve used on my… Continue Reading “Warning Body Wash & Baby”

I Love you anyway Luigi

During the lead up to my son’s birth I was trying to put together a family tree book for him and what followed was destroying my father’s belief that he had Italian heritage, sorry daddy. My father picked up the name Luigi in his… Continue Reading “I Love you anyway Luigi”