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Bookish Babble: Y15.W11

Cute quotes to remember edition: Until next week 🙂 enjoy your shelves 🙂

Bookish Babble Y15.W8

Bookish Problems Edition:(Me talking to my books) One day my friends I will get to read you all.ALL THE TIME! Oh so pretty. This is me trying to find a comfortable position to read in after already reading for hours! This is me, it drives… Continue Reading “Bookish Babble Y15.W8”

Two Year Blogiversary / My Life In Books TAG

As of today I’ve been blogging on The Adventures of SacaKat for two years and it seemed fitting that today I part take in the My Life in Books TAG today. I came across this TAG thanks to >> Stephanie’s Book Reviews << Click on the… Continue Reading “Two Year Blogiversary / My Life In Books TAG”

Bookish Babble Y15.W6

There almost wasn’t a bookish babble today, with all the drama I’m having with my computer (I’m typing this on my tablet) but here it is >> Bookish Babble: Author Quote Edition. Until next time 🙂 Enjoy your shelves :-).

Bookish Babble Y15.W5

Although it should be called Book Shelf Babble today: This is so cute. I’d want a slightly wider version so my son, Riley and I could still fit on it together as he gets older. I’d have the fabric in a patterned blue or green… Continue Reading “Bookish Babble Y15.W5”

Bookish Babble Y15.W4

Sleep is for the weak! Ah book hangovers! That’s how you can tell it was a really good book, you don’t want to move on and can’t fathom reading another book. Until next time 🙂 Enjoy your shelves :-).

Bookish Babble Y15.W3

I actually do this on my weekend to do list 🙂 Makes me feel like I at least accomplish something. I LOOOOOVE this one!!! I cherish every bookish life I’ve had. Until next time 🙂 Enjoy your shelves :-).

Bookish Babble Y15.W2

Today I’m feeling Cushion Crazy. If you CLICK on the images they will link you to where I found them. I want some gigantic versions of the top one scattered on my floor as seats. I’ll have to try, I say try as my sewing skills are a… Continue Reading “Bookish Babble Y15.W2”