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Bookish Problems Edition:bookish-problem-4-owning-piles-of-unread-books-you-cant-get-rid-of-because-you-know-youll-read-them-eventually-dc7b8(Me talking to my books) One day my friends I will get to read you all.IMG_0552ALL THE TIME! Oh so pretty.IMG_0686

This is me trying to find a comfortable position to read in after already reading for hours!


This is me, it drives my husband nuts. I was doing it last night with the 2005 Keira Knightley Pride and Prejudice adaptation we were watching – well I was watching. Shane was grumpliy sitting there asking how much long it had to go lol.



Until Next Time 🙂 Enjoy Your Shelves 🙂

Two Year Blogiversary / My Life In Books TAG


As of today I’ve been blogging on The Adventures of SacaKat for two years and it seemed fitting that today I part take in the My Life in Books TAG today.

I came across this TAG thanks to >> Stephanie’s Book Reviews <<

Click on the covers to link to their Goodreads pages 🙂


Find A Book For Each Of Your Initials:2569752925834374

Count Your Age Along Your Book Shelf: What Book Is It? 288624318Damn is there a deeper meaning here. This cracked me up, so I took a few fun photos.OfLoveCollage

Pick a book that represents a destination you would like to travel to?19501

After reading this book I had a strong desire to go to an ashram in India and lose/find myself, but I had a baby and found book blogging instead, which worked lol. One day once Riley is an adult, it’s still something i’d still like to do. As a child I always dreamed of going to live in Italy. I intend on visiting there one day, after I’ve seen all that Australia has to offer.

Pick A Book That Is Your Favourite Colour:A Thousand Pieces of You (Firebird, #1)

All the pretty colors. I want them all. The whole spectrum of pinks and purples.


But if you’d asked me as a little kid I would have yelled GREEN like the leaves on the trees, then as a turd (oops I mean teenager) I would have said Torques and Aqua.

I like all the colors, don’t make me choose. lots of color everywhere.

Which book do you have the fondest memory of? 17347383

The warm and fuzzy feeling of hope that Harry would finally have a home! R.I.P. Padfoot. (I struggled to decided between this and Anne of green gables. But I’ve never gotten over Mathew Cuthbert dying, so Harry and Sirius uniting won.)

Which book did you have the most difficulty reading? 17319691“A darkly funny novel of romantic love and cultural warfare from one of Australia’s most admired Indigenous voices” – I expected to love this book. I expected to connect with it, but I didn’t. I gave up. I intend to go back and try to read it from the start again in a few years.

Which book in your TBR pile will you give you the biggest sense of achievement?

199009It’s 700+ pages people “Here is a treasure-house of over seven centuries of English poetry, chosen and introduced by Christopher Ricks. The Oxford Book of English Verse, created in 1900 by Arthur Quiller-Couch and selected anew in 1972 by Helen Gardner, has established itself as the foremost anthology of English poetry.” AHHHHHH.

If you’re reading this and think you want to give it a go, TAG YOUR IT!

Bookish Babble Y15.W6


There almost wasn’t a bookish babble today, with all the drama I’m having with my computer (I’m typing this on my tablet) but here it is >> Bookish Babble: Author Quote Edition.

IMG_0562IMG_0572IMG_0567IMG_0856IMG_0857Until next time 🙂 Enjoy your shelves :-).

Bookish Babble Y15.W5

Although it should be called Book Shelf Babble today:babble3IMG_0564IMG_0569


This is so cute. I’d want a slightly wider version so my son, Riley and I could still fit on it together as he gets older. I’d have the fabric in a patterned blue or green and put it in his room with all his books in it for story time :-). Riley has shelves for his books, some in his bedroom and some in the lounge room. I think this would be an attractive and useful way to put them all together. Maybe it can be a project for Riley and his Granddad once Riley is a little older (and Granddad has retired) HINT HINT :-P.

This is really awesome. especially for smaller spaces

A Tardis bookshelf, like seriously who wants to build me one! HINT HINT. My thirtieth birthday is in sixteen months HINT HINT 🙂 :-).

My soul needs some version of this in the lounge room. The whole idea of a Tardis as a bookshelf is the most perfect marriage of two awesome things ever. Just think about what the Tardis is, as in all the infinite adventures it takes the doctor on – perfect place to store books that can take you on infinite adventures!!!!

IMG_1132 (1)

This is the current book shelf space I have for myself – I have three shelves and my husband Shane has two. If it’s on my shelf I either loved it or haven’t read it yet, everything else gets passed on. Please ignore our sad looking DVD shelf on the right, which are stacked two deep and a total mess.

What’s your dream bookshelf/ home library look like?  Hell, what’s your current bookshelf situation look like? I’d love to see, book shelf envy anyone! Tweet me a photo @SarahSacaKat if you feel like showing off :-).

Until next time 🙂 Enjoy your shelves :-).

Bookish Babble Y15.W3


I actually do this on my weekend to do list 🙂 Makes me feel like I at least accomplish something.

1c92dd6dcf247a7f8e3fe043e43aba85 11230117_10153147818138379_6060102077391100215_nimage3

I LOOOOOVE this one!!! I cherish every bookish life I’ve had.


Until next time 🙂 Enjoy your shelves :-).

Bookish Babble Y15.W2

Today I’m feeling Cushion Crazy.

If you CLICK on the images they will link you to where I found them.


I want some gigantic versions of the top one scattered on my floor as seats. I’ll have to try, I say try as my sewing skills are a little lacking, and sew myself some. The website for the library book version has a tutorial and everything! Who wouldn’t want gigantic book cushions strewn all over their lounge room!! Well my husband for one, but he’ll get the hell over it and my son would love it as much as me.

Full set: 1 bookish pillow case + 1 bookish fridge magnet + 1 bookish pinback button | book lovers gift quote so much reading for bookworms

YES!!!! Damn my body needing sleep. So many wasted hours!


I NEED this!

Alice in wonderland pillow We re all mad here cream brown beige green blue Throw cushion cover case sham UK One 18 x 18 inch handmade

Damn now I’m debating which one I like more!

OH MY YES!!!!!!!

And my heart just exploded. The only cushion in the world that could be better than this cushion would be a Dobby version in the same style!

Penguin Books Custom Pillow Case

I’d want mine to say “The Adventures of SacaKat by Sarah Fairbairn” what would you want your’s to say?

Until next time 🙂 Enjoy your shelves 🙂 and your cushions.