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Review: I’m Australian Too by Mem Fox

I’m Australian! How about you? Many people from many places have come across the seas, to make Australia their home. How Australian is that? Hardcover, 32 pages Published March 1st 2017 by Scholastic Australia. Goodreads View. Mem’s Website. *  *  *  *  * Mem… Continue Reading “Review: I’m Australian Too by Mem Fox”

Bookish Babble Y15.W8

Bookish Problems Edition:(Me talking to my books) One day my friends I will get to read you all.ALL THE TIME! Oh so pretty. This is me trying to find a comfortable position to read in after already reading for hours! This is me, it drives… Continue Reading “Bookish Babble Y15.W8”

Two Year Blogiversary / My Life In Books TAG

As of today I’ve been blogging on The Adventures of SacaKat for two years and it seemed fitting that today I part take in the My Life in Books TAG today. I came across this TAG thanks to >> Stephanie’s Book Reviews << Click on the… Continue Reading “Two Year Blogiversary / My Life In Books TAG”

Bookish Babble Y15.W6

There almost wasn’t a bookish babble today, with all the drama I’m having with my computer (I’m typing this on my tablet) but here it is >> Bookish Babble: Author Quote Edition. Until next time 🙂 Enjoy your shelves :-).

Bookish Babble Y15.W5

Although it should be called Book Shelf Babble today: This is so cute. I’d want a slightly wider version so my son, Riley and I could still fit on it together as he gets older. I’d have the fabric in a patterned blue or green… Continue Reading “Bookish Babble Y15.W5”

Bookish Babble Y15.W4

Sleep is for the weak! Ah book hangovers! That’s how you can tell it was a really good book, you don’t want to move on and can’t fathom reading another book. Until next time 🙂 Enjoy your shelves :-).

Bookish Babble Y15.W3

I actually do this on my weekend to do list 🙂 Makes me feel like I at least accomplish something. I LOOOOOVE this one!!! I cherish every bookish life I’ve had. Until next time 🙂 Enjoy your shelves :-).

Bookish Babble Y15.W2

Today I’m feeling Cushion Crazy. If you CLICK on the images they will link you to where I found them. I want some gigantic versions of the top one scattered on my floor as seats. I’ll have to try, I say try as my sewing skills are a… Continue Reading “Bookish Babble Y15.W2”

The Cattle King by Ion L. Idriess

The Cattle King by Ion L. Idriess. First published in 1936 (my edition re-published 2013). At the age of 13 Sidney Kidman ran away from home with only five shillings in his pocket. He went on to become a horse dealer, drover, cattle buyer and… Continue Reading “The Cattle King by Ion L. Idriess”

I’M BACK (Holiday book haul)

So after 38 days away I’m back home. I’ve still got some more time off of work and am planing to do some work on the house, do up some sort of post/s about our Aussie Outback and Cape York 4WD family trip, as… Continue Reading “I’M BACK (Holiday book haul)”