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Review: I’m Australian Too by Mem Fox

I’m Australian! How about you? Many people from many places have come across the seas, to make Australia their home. How Australian is that? Hardcover, 32 pages Published March 1st 2017 by Scholastic Australia. Goodreads View. Mem’s Website. *  *  *  *  * Mem… Continue Reading “Review: I’m Australian Too by Mem Fox”

Recap: Family Road Trip

My husband Shane, our Son Riley and I traveled 9865 kilometers (6130 miles) in 38 days, living out of our Toyota Landcrusier 80 series 4WD, trekking to the tip of Australia. We did this trip back in July–August 2015 and I’m only now getting… Continue Reading “Recap: Family Road Trip”

Fast and Loose by Nicholas J. Johnson

Fast and Loose by Nicholas J. Johnson Published: 1st July 2015 Thanks to the author, publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Joel Fitch used to be a con artist. That is,… Continue Reading “Fast and Loose by Nicholas J. Johnson”

Arkie’s Pilgrimage to the Next Big Thing by Lisa Walker

  Arkie’s Pilgrimage to the Next Big Thing by Lisa Walker Publication Date: February 2, 2015 Pages: 352 Thank you to Net Gallery, Random House Australia & Bantam Australia for allowing me to read and review this ARC. A delightfully funny and inspiring novel… Continue Reading “Arkie’s Pilgrimage to the Next Big Thing by Lisa Walker”

My Sanctuary

Finally we’ve done it, we’ve bought our own home.   The first time a saw the for sale sign I got tears in my eyes, I really did and do feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off of my shoulders. The last… Continue Reading “My Sanctuary”

Newcastle Poetry Prize

I’ve just finished reading the 2013 Newcastle Poetry Prize Anthology ”Now You Shall Know” to prepare myself to enter this years. 2013 was the 32nd consecutive year that the Newcastle Poetry Prize had run. In this Anthology is the 1st, 2nd & 3rd winners plus… Continue Reading “Newcastle Poetry Prize”

2013 The Year That Was

2013 The Year You Were Born. 2013 on an early June morn, well before dawn. I Wrote this as a time capsule, a snapshot of the year that my son was born, you never know it may be extremely interesting in 30-50 years. 2013 (MMXIII) was… Continue Reading “2013 The Year That Was”

Comedy of Errors

Comedy of Errors – Post 55 of 365 writing post prompts 2014 (M29) Murphy’s Law says, “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” Today’s post asks us to write about a time when everything did go wrong (Fiction Encouraged). Once upon a time… Continue Reading “Comedy of Errors”

Buffalo Nickel

Today’s Post entitled Buffalo Nickel asks us to dig through our couch cushions, purse or the floor of our car and look at the year printed on the first coin we find, and then write about what we were doing that year. Hahahaha well… Continue Reading “Buffalo Nickel”

Quick! Ones escaped out the door!

This is a poem my friend Jody Gardam wrote about helping out at a friend’s farm. It’s a beautiful poem, So Aussie, So Jody 🙂 With the sound of the generator and the pouring rain, I forget the hard work that’s about to begin… Continue Reading “Quick! Ones escaped out the door!”