Anna Beach


I scoop you up

I drink you down

When it rains

I feel you all around

Without you this world could not be

For goodness sake you’re 65 precent of me

You cleanse my body

Both inside and out


You make me want to shout

What joy you bring

As I sink and swim

And drink you in

Cup o Water

The Boy

He is no white light

He is no knight in amour

He is no saint

He isn’t going to be your saviour

He won’t save you

You have to save yourself

It’s all up to you

You will get no help

No help from anyone else

You have to save yourself

From the failure that you speak

And if the outcome looks bleak

Then the blame falls solely at your feet

Albert of Adelaide

I have just read this book again because I love it and I know this won’t be my last time reading it.

Albert of Adelaide – Howard L Anderson

Albert is a platypus, fed up with his life in Adelaide Zoo, he manages to escape and we see Albert make his way through a tough wild west, bang bang shoot em up outback Australia with the help of some unlikely friends he meets along the way.

A Platypus is extremely out of place in the center of Australia and Albert gets into a lot of mischief with his friends, which of course makes for a very entertaining, funny and enjoyable story.

But the whole book isn’t fun and games, there are some deeper moments Mr Anderson managers to hide in there, through the inter-species friendships, alcoholic bandicoots and some rather spiritual Dingoes.

Howard L Anderson writes a fantastic story and you can’t help but fall in love with his characters, you will want to read it time and time again.


“Albert had done all he could, and if it wasn’t enough, he’d worry about it in another life.”

― Howard L. Anderson, Albert of Adelaide


Mop Stroud, A life in two acts with many scenes

Mop Stroud, A life in two acts with many scenes – Betty Stroud

This book was written by my Grandmothers Cousin Betty and the book is Betty’s mother’s life story.

I think she has wonderfully captured the essence of Mary aka Mop, as I now feel like I knew her. I found the book interesting and quite enjoyed it, but I don’t know if that it would be of much interest to an outsider, you’d have to be a history buff I guess, as it really is a time capsule of days gone by in old Dubbo NSW.

So I’ll Leave it at that and leave you with a Quote:

“If all people were made to walk in a forest every day & study it, I’m sure there would be more peace & love to man, animals, & all growing things in this old world” – Mop Stroud (1913-1982).

Pet Rescue’s Amazing Dog Stories

Pet Rescue’s Amazing Dog Stories


Pet Rescue is a fantastic organisation that does amazing work http://www.petrescue.com.au/

Here they have put together a book of varied stories all about, yep you guessed it – Dogs that have been rescued.

There are stories of survival, loyalty and unconditional love, dogs that have overcome pure horror and hideous treatment. So many of the stories made me cry, but I was always smiling at the end.

A beautiful book, a great read for dog lovers and for anyone needing a pick me up or a little bit of hope and reassurance that the worlds not all bad.


Dark Cloud

Dark cloud over my head


Wish I could lift it


Think I’ll just cry instead

Words in my way

So this is taking a trip into the past, here is a poem I wrote when I was Sixteen, far-out that was nearly eleven years ago 😦 anyways I must have been really messed up over something at the time hmmmmm.


Words in my way


It is a fact,   that,    I don’t know how to react

This world inside my head,     its wack

My heart speaks a language I can’t decode

Later on no one will care which path you choose

No one cares who you really are

Everybody hides their scars

No one cares what you’ve lost

No one cares what personal lines you’ve crossed

It’s like the people you love are saying

Does it matter that I don’t really need you

I’m sick of all this hurting in my head

I’m going to go hide in my bed

I have to admit I’ve had so much fun

Think I might look into a life on the run

Can the world please look at me for all I am

That’s impossible when I block my emotions like a dam

I’m sick of always caring about what people think about me

No one else seems to care what I think of thee

I’ve said too much but not nearly all that’s in my head

All these words in my way

Fears drive me forward every day.