Shopping Sadness

I ducked up the street to grab a few groceries while my hubby was on his lunch break so I could leave my son at home. I’ve decided I’d prefer to take him, I feel rather lonely walking around the super market without his smiling face looking back at me and at least when my sons with me I can talk out loud without looking strange, because people just think I’m talking to him.

Feeling Guilty

I find it hard to relax when I have things to do, house work, feed the kiddlet, play with the kiddlet, more house work, paid job work.  I feel guilty sitting down reading when there are things to be done and there is always ALWAYS things to be done.   All I want for Christmas is a sleep-in and a relaxing day reading preferably by a nice pool – is that too much to ask?

Close Call: A Doris and Jemma Vadgeventure

I’ve just finished reading Close Call: A Doris and Jemma Vadgeventure by Eloise March.

Close call is an amusing story about a young women and her vagina, I giggled the whole way through, then got to the end and went ‘I want more’.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who’s ever been a woman with a vagina on the dating seen (I’d say that covers most of us) and any open minded men wanting a light, funny and refreshing read.

In this book you not only get to hear Jemma’s side of the perils of dating life, but insight from her vagina Doris and the information that Doris gets from talking to Penises. You can’t help but want Doris to succeed in finding Jemma and herself a good man. You would be forgiven for thinking, oh! Ok… taking vagina’s and penises, no thank you, but really it was a funny and most enjoyable read.

 Five Stars


Kiddlets is a word I use instead of children, a cross between Kids and Piglets. Example – yeah Riley’s good, how are your kiddlets.
It’s always been a me sort of word but when I yelled out to my husband tonight ‘have you got everything’
as we where leaving to go out out he replied
‘everything but the kiddlet’
I laughed to myself, after being together for eight years the only word he has inherited from me is kiddlets.
He doesn’t use my ‘Pudding’ which I use for a variety of things or wombat, which I’ve been calling my son since I found out I was pregnant. Oh I could go on and on with my word substitutes. It’s kiddlets that’s crossed over, must be my most ‘normal’ substitute LOL Made me laugh.

Bad Luck and Trouble

Bad Luck and Trouble (11th of 18 Reacher Novels)

You do not mess with the Special Investigators – in this Reacher novel we see Reacher back together with his old team of elite army investigators.

Reacher finds out about the brutal death of a one of his old team mates and soon the remaining members reunite to solve a mystery that’s bigger than them.

I don’t know why I wasn’t as sucked into this book as much as the other three I’ve read. I’m assuming the reason was that in this novel you learn quite early on that this will be a revenge mission for the most part and you know Reacher will survive as Lee Child went on after this book to write another 7 Reacher novels. I guess there wasn’t anyone for me to care about him saving, no innocent man or pretty ladies. It’s strange because in the worlds current condition the ‘mystery’ should have meant more to me than any pretty lady, hmmmm.

Now don’t get me wrong I enjoyed it, it was still a page turner and I still want to read all eighteen and I still think Lee Child is an awesome writer but this one just didn’t grab me as much as the others – I’m baffled & would love to know what others thought.

Reaching for the Moon

Reaching for the Moon, By Regina Puckett.

This is only the 2nd straight poetry book I’ve ever read, but  I really enjoyed Regina’s poetry, so much so I’ve read it through twice and gone and purchased another of her poem compendiums “Here among the ruins” which I’ve added to my “To Read List” for later.

The poems in this book seemed to, for me sum up the emotions and thoughts we all go through. I found that her poems flowed beautifully and I could really connect with the emotions in most of them and enjoyed reading them all.

This book really is a bargain at $1.05 (kindle price) – you will read it more than once. Five Stars.