Mop Stroud, A life in two acts with many scenes

Mop Stroud, A life in two acts with many scenes – Betty Stroud

This book was written by my Grandmothers Cousin Betty and the book is Betty’s mother’s life story.

I think she has wonderfully captured the essence of Mary aka Mop, as I now feel like I knew her. I found the book interesting and quite enjoyed it, but I don’t know if that it would be of much interest to an outsider, you’d have to be a history buff I guess, as it really is a time capsule of days gone by in old Dubbo NSW.

So I’ll Leave it at that and leave you with a Quote:

“If all people were made to walk in a forest every day & study it, I’m sure there would be more peace & love to man, animals, & all growing things in this old world” – Mop Stroud (1913-1982).

Pet Rescue’s Amazing Dog Stories

Pet Rescue’s Amazing Dog Stories


Pet Rescue is a fantastic organisation that does amazing work

Here they have put together a book of varied stories all about, yep you guessed it – Dogs that have been rescued.

There are stories of survival, loyalty and unconditional love, dogs that have overcome pure horror and hideous treatment. So many of the stories made me cry, but I was always smiling at the end.

A beautiful book, a great read for dog lovers and for anyone needing a pick me up or a little bit of hope and reassurance that the worlds not all bad.


Dark Cloud

Dark cloud over my head


Wish I could lift it


Think I’ll just cry instead

Words in my way

So this is taking a trip into the past, here is a poem I wrote when I was Sixteen, far-out that was nearly eleven years ago 😦 anyways I must have been really messed up over something at the time hmmmmm.


Words in my way


It is a fact,   that,    I don’t know how to react

This world inside my head,     its wack

My heart speaks a language I can’t decode

Later on no one will care which path you choose

No one cares who you really are

Everybody hides their scars

No one cares what you’ve lost

No one cares what personal lines you’ve crossed

It’s like the people you love are saying

Does it matter that I don’t really need you

I’m sick of all this hurting in my head

I’m going to go hide in my bed

I have to admit I’ve had so much fun

Think I might look into a life on the run

Can the world please look at me for all I am

That’s impossible when I block my emotions like a dam

I’m sick of always caring about what people think about me

No one else seems to care what I think of thee

I’ve said too much but not nearly all that’s in my head

All these words in my way

Fears drive me forward every day.

“Second Son” a Jack Reacher short story

“Second Son” a Jack Reacher short story – Lee Child

Before I had read this story my Reacher familiarity had only been through One Shot (9th of 18 Reacher Novels) and Echo Burning (5th of 18) I read One Shot and thought it was the most amazing thing ever.

Before One Shot I’d never been into reading crime novels. Really before one shot I’d mainly read fantasy and romances, but Lee Child manages to write in a way that keeps me wanting more as opposed to making me feel sick from the pointless horror I’d come to associate with crime and thriller novels. I’ve only ever gotten the Oh My God that was awesome ‘buzz’ before from epic fantasy and thrilling romances.

I really liked this short story because it took you back to a 13 year old Reacher living with his parents and older brother. I liked reading about Reacher’s father and seeing the start of how his life turns him into the man he becomes. In this story he and his family have just had to move AGAIN, following his dad around in the service. It goes on to show what a tough not so little cookie he has always been, getting into fights and beating up the bigger kids on the base, solving perplexing mysteries and even getting himself a girl – same old Reacher as always – Pure Awesomeness!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand



This is a photo I took of a GRAND old rock on a GRAND adventure my husband, I and two of our friends had together back in 2010.

There was Four of us on Two Motor Bikes. We road through New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia the Northern Territory and Queensland! over the month June.

Yes our butts were sore, but the open road and the spectacular Australian landscape was well worth it. So many memories that will stay with me for a life time.


Books I’ve Read Recently

I’ve decided to create a section on my blog ‘’Books I’ve read recently’’ dedicated to the books I read.

I love to read, but can never seem to find the time, especially now with being back a work part time and a mum to a five month old.

I am really bad at time delegation at home, fine at work, but I get home and all my plans go to shit.

So if you’re interested in any of the books below, stick around. If you’ve read any of them and would care to give me your thoughts on them that would be great, leave me a comment or if you’ve got any books you really love and would like to share, I’d love to hear about them.

So the list of books I’m going to start with:

“Second Son” a Jack Reacher short story – Lee Child

Albert of Adelaide – Howard L Anderson (reading this again because it’s awesome!)

Pet Rescue’s Amazing Dog Stories

Bad Luck and Trouble (11th of 18 Reacher Novels) – Lee Child

Mop Stroud, A life in two acts with many scenes – Betty Stroud

Shadows of The Realm, Book 1 of the circle of Talia – Dionne Lister

A Time of Darkness, Book 2 of the circle of Talia – Dionne Lister (I’ve been holding off reading these two books as there’s a third on the way and I know once I’ve read the first two I’ll be hanging out for the third)

Close Call: A Doris and Jemma Vadgeventure – Eloise March

The Killing Floor (1st of 18 Reacher Novels) – Lee Child

Bitter Greens – Kate Forsyth

Die Trying (2nd of 18 Reacher Novels) – Lee Child

Initiate – Tara Maya (This is another long series, so I am scared I’ll fall in love and want them all)

The Salmon of Doubt – Douglas Adams

Casting Shadows Everywhere – L.T. Vargus

Pride & Prejudice – Jane Austen (Reading again >> before reading) >>

Mr Darcy’s Diary – Amanda Grange  (and >>)

Longbourn – Jo Baker

Cloud Atlas – David Mitchell

Water for the elephants – Sara Gruen


Hmmmm does the randomness of the list say anything about me lol.

I’ve written these down now,

I’ve said I’ll read them,

So I have to,



Give it a few weeks and the list will probably double, especially since I’ll still have another nine Reacher novels sitting on my book shelf waiting and another 75 eBooks on my tablet WAITING, as well as I really miss Ron, Hermione, Harry, Hagrid and Dobby and need to visit Hogwarts again soon.

Hang Onto You

I hang onto you

Hang onto what I know is true

Hang onto the girls we used to be

Hang onto the feeling

That with you

I’m free

Free to be myself

To heaven or hell

and stuck here on this earth

I’ll hang onto you

No matter how much it hurts

Over The Hill

Over the hill

and far away

We keep getting older


All we ever want to do

Is go




Instead we sit on our arses

Getting grey and fat

Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge

Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge (week 13)

Ellie One

My Ellie Girl doing what she loves, RUNNING!!!!!

Ellie is my three year old, very short Wolfhound cross, but you wouldn’t know she had any wolfhound in her looking at her. She is loving, playful and very energetic. She loves to play fetch in and out of the water, she loves cuddles and breaking into the house to find where the dog treats are hidden.

This is a photo I managed to snap of her with my phone as she was running back to me at our local dog park.