Category: Flash Fiction & Poetry

Here you will find the fictional stories and poetry I write from time to time.

Words in my way

So this is taking a trip into the past, here is a poem I wrote when I was Sixteen, far-out that was nearly eleven years ago 😦 anyways I must have been really messed up over something at the time hmmmmm.   Words in…

On the page

All these ideas floating in my head Every night I take them to bed And every night their they stay Always on the pillow Never on the page


Sometimes I feel like I’m running out of fight Sometimes I think I just might I scold myself and then take flight Into the night that growls and bites I think I might need to say goodnight and goodbye to a few of you That…

Oh to hell with it

Oh to hell with it Drew me in And I fell for it Kissed me again And I swell for it Kissed you back I’ll sell you it Not kissing you is pain Oh to hell with it

Finished it!!

So I have finally finished typing up the big box of poetry that I’ve had piling up for the last ten years, oh boy that an emotional trip down memory lane it has been. So to celebrate I thought I would share one with…

My Poems

So I’ve started the painful task of typing up all my poems and random rambles that I’ve been writing on scrap bits of paper and keeping in a box for the last ten years.  Oh dear god what have I gotten myself into.  I’m…