About SacaKat

Welcome to The Adventures of SacaKat, I’m Sarah. I started this blog site on the 28th October 2013 with no idea what I was doing. I’d like to think I kind of know now :-).

aboutmeblogcollageI mainly post a combination of Book Reviews (predominately YA) and my own Flash Fiction pieces. But from time to time I will also post dear diary style My Life pieces, my own Poems and Bookish Babble posts sharing book related quotes, facts, jokes, memes etc.

I live in the beautiful area of Lake Macquarie (Australia) with my husband Shane, our two sons Riley and Ethan, and our two wolfhound crosses Ellie and Charge.

In my free time, I attempt to sedate my Book Addiction (an addiction that is only surpassed by my Chocolate Addiction) reading and working on this blog :-).

I’m friendly, so say hello.

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If you’re wondering how I came up with the Name “The Adventures of SacaKat” (and you’re probably not LOL) I did a blog post about it >> What’s in a name <<


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