Month: February 2018

Bookish Babble: Quotes Collection Part Four

I have Quote File where I write down sentences/paragraphs that for whatever reason at the time I was reading them jumped out of the page at me. It might’ve been because I was having a bad day and something the character said encapsulated my… Continue Reading “Bookish Babble: Quotes Collection Part Four”

Mini Reviews: Between the Lives + Gemina + Fence-4

Between the Lives by Jessica Shirvington Sabine isn’t like anyone else. For as long as she can remember, she’s had two lives. Every twenty-four hours she “shifts,” living each day twice. In one life, Sabine has everything: popular friends, perfect grades, expensive clothes, and the guy… Continue Reading “Mini Reviews: Between the Lives + Gemina + Fence-4”

The Coven Princess: Cover Reveal

 Coming March 7th, 2018 from USA Today bestselling author Lily Luchesi and Vamptasy Publishing: THE COVEN PRINCESS. Your blood does not define you. Harley Torrance’s parents were killed in a home invasion when she was three. Adopted by a nice couple, Harley begins to develop… Continue Reading “The Coven Princess: Cover Reveal”

Wilder Country: #LoveOzYA Review

Wilder Country (Winter #2) by Mark Smith Paperback, 256 pages Published August 28th 2017 by Text Publishing Finn, Kas and Willow have survived the winter of storms. Severe winds and cold have kept the Wilders at bay. Now that spring has come, everything has… Continue Reading “Wilder Country: #LoveOzYA Review”

#LoveOzYABloggers – Indigenous

#LoveOzYABloggers is hosted by #LoveOzYA, a community led organisation dedicated to promoting Australian young adult literature. This Month theme is ‘Indigenous’. Keep up to date with all new Aussie YA releases with their monthly newsletter, or find out what’s happening with News and Events, or submit your own! Three books! I could… Continue Reading “#LoveOzYABloggers – Indigenous”