Bookish Babble: Y15.W13

babble3The “I solemnly swear I am up to no good, ALWAYS” Edition:


Hear Hear!!


R.I.P. Dobby

I pray for world peace, the safety of kittens and that Rowling's new 'Adult Book' is secretly about "Harry Potter: the Grown-Up Years.":

Yeah that’d be nice or even better some Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs.

Yo, Siri. Expecto Patronapp:


what if harry potter is really a biography, sold to us muggles as fiction! lol:

Hahahahaha we can dream. I’ll believe it when my son gets his letter!

this way to the ministry of magic:

YES YES YES! There are some listings for this on Etsy.US – More research required.

* * * mischief managed * * * for now…

2 Comments on “Bookish Babble: Y15.W13

  1. I LOOOOOVE hipster Potter, my goodness that’s epic. I wonder if I could get that on a tshirt somewhere. I think over half of her adult fans are probably even hoping for a Harry continuation as a grown up. I think most of us would probably settle for her continuing Hogwarts through their kids. I mean, why introduce them if she has no intention of expanding on the idea. Someone needs to kidnap her and force her to write it.

    • OMG! that would ROCK!! as a t’shirt!!!!!!!
      Do you know anyone in the UK we could convince or do we need to steal the money for plane tickets and do the Rowling-napping ourselves.

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