100 Happy Days (41-60)

I have been partaking in the 100 Happy Days challenge, sharing my Happy Days with my Facebook and Twitter friends. I started the challenge back on the 21st of March, so yesterday was my 60th day.

Day41: Snuggles with my cheeky bubba before he goes to bed and the hubby cooking me surf & turf.day41

Day42: Eating someone else’s leftover Easter eggs, oh yes I am.day42

Day43: pop pop goes the Bubble Wrap between my fingers.day43

Day44: Cute Shit – Fantastic Beasts.day44

Day45/46/47: So I’ve been feeling rather under the weather and haven’t put up a photo the last two days. But it really is hard to feel too sorry for oneself when this little monkey is roaming around being adorable.day45 46 47

Day48: Awwww day care art.day48

Day49: While I may have managed to get a fair bit done today during Riley’s sleeps, he’s been a crying mess with a bleeding gum as his third tooth comes in. So today really hasn’t been a happy day (No Photo). His bottom two teeth came up at once didn’t give him anywhere as much as this top ONE.

Day50: I didn’t post today, I attended a funeral of one of my beloved Aunts mothers, so out of respect no happy days were shared.

Day51: I get up and what to I see, this cheeky monkey looking at me, he made it out the gate and down the hall he ran, laughing and a giggling, making his escape as fast as he can. I picked him up and he giggled some more, then covered my face in wet baby kisses before I locked him behind the safety gate once more.day51

Day52: Having a family dinner at my Mum’s for Mother’s Day.day52aday52bDay53: Oops I forgot, too many things on my mind!!!

Day54: Today Riley let me have my first ever sleep in, he didn’t wake up until 7.50 woo hoo, I had even fell back asleep after Shane left at six. Thanks Riley we both obviously needed to catch up on a bit of sleep.day54

Day55: The cosy comfy vibe from the dining hall of the Great Northern where Shane and I had lunch and the food was oh so yummy.day55

Day56: both my boys ate their veggies tonight & if you knew my husband Shane you’d appreciate him eating roast carrot and pumpkin to set a good example for Riley.day56

Day57: It’s not that I didn’t have a happy day, I was just so tired by the end of it that I forgot to post a photo.

Day58: I took this photo of Riley this morning and I think It will end up being one of my all-time favourites of him. Just looking at him makes me smile.day58

Day59: I can still smell that overpowering fake vanilla scent. Shane cleaned out the fridge for me this morning. Woop Woop I didn’t have to do it.day59

Day60: I Didn’t manage a post today, as for the most part I was in bed feeling sorry for myself or in the bathroom feeling sorry for myself :-(.

And that’s why this is being posted today rather then yesterday. I am really hoping to get out from under this sick storm that keeps bringing me down.


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