First Light

First Light- Post 56 of 365 writing post prompts 2014 (M29)

At the end of yesterday’s post prompt it asked us to place a note book by our bed that night and to jot down the first thing we thought of upon waking, whether coherent or not.

For today’s post we are asked to write a post based on that first thought.

I was actually awakened in the earlier hours of this morning by a rather strange dream. I had my pen and pad next to the bed so I jotted down a few things I could remember in case on falling back asleep I was to forget them.

I had this >>>>>

  • Mum & dads floor collapsing and hay all over the floor
  • A Plague of Lizards that when picked up turn into dinosaurs toys over running their house
  • Back at my house Plague of green tree frogs, very cute and impossible to catch by anyone other than Murray
  • At Work and cut off Red MG’s soft top

It was the part of the dream that took place at work that really startled me, it seemed so real. I lay there thinking to myself ‘whatever possessed you to damage that car’ then as I got agitated I had to remind myself it was only a dream. I got up went to the bathroom and then took my notes. I tried to shake the feeling of doom that the dream had laid over me as I climbed back into bed.

I lay awake for quite a while pondering the dream.

Visions of the floor under my feet collapsing and falling onto bales of hay – My parents don’t have bales of hay stored under their house so I’m not sure where that came from, but their bathroom floor did rot out from water damage and have to partly be replaced a few years back.

Visions of my mother and myself running around trying to catch lizards that when we touched them ‘POP’ turned into plastic toy dinosaurs – this does not surprise me, as my mind loves to throw me strange little visions like this.

Now the part with the green tree frogs was a little bit odd. Plague is not the right word as there wasn’t hundreds and hundreds of them like with the lizards, it was more like 15 to 30. They were hoping around the kitchen and a few of them hopped into Murray’s tank. Murray is our pet Snake, a Murray Darling Python. I without avail tried to catch the frogs but they would pass right through my hands. Murray was eating them! The odd part you ask. Murray Darling Pythons don’t eat frogs, they eat birds and rodents. You can keep snakes, frogs, lizards and the like in the same tanks. Cold blood doesn’t eat cold blood. They may attack each other for fear or dominance, but not eat them whole (you can prove me wrong here if you like, but that is my understanding). Nothing that really bothered me too much with this part, it was just weird.

Now we get to the bit that disturbed me; (I should point out that I work part time at a mechanical workshop doing office admin) I set out with a pair of scissors, walked into the workshop and took to cutting up the roof off of a rather expensive convertible MG. What the Hell. It was like I was possessed. I don’t really think you could cut up a roof with a pair of office paper scissors. You could probably put holes in it by stabbing the scissors with force like a knife, but that could be said with the likes of a screw driver also. If I wanted to destroy a car I would drive it into a tree or attack it with a grinder or something, there a plenty of tools at work better equipped for cutting or smashing things. Anyway I wouldn’t want to destroy a customer’s car. I really wish I had the back story here from my subconscious, I wonder at whose car it was. Maybe tonight I’ll find out.

I really couldn’t find any meaning behind any of this. I’m all for imaging strange pointless things, but this dream wasn’t even enjoyable. I was really at a loss to figure out at what on earth my imagination was playing at.


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