A Plot of Earth

Today’s post asks us the question; you’re given a plot of land and have financial resources to do what you please with it – what’s the plan?

Well to be able to build my ultimate fantasy estate the block of land would have to be enormous and I’d have to have access to millions of dollars.

First I’d build a self-efficient eco-friendly house that would be tech savvy with extreme hi tech security. It’d have three bedrooms on the ground floor with a trophy /games room. I’d have a studio on a second level that would have floor to ceiling windows all-round so I could admire the beautiful Australian bush while writing and painting.

Then I’d move to the yards surrounding the house; I’d Plant a large orchard and vegetable garden. I’d have a Duck pen, Goat yard and Dog yard full of all the things they like with their own species appropriate housing. There would also be a ‘backyard’ attached to the house for my Son, husband and I to BBQ and entertain in with a pergola and some safe and fun outdoor kid play equipment. I’d have a heated Pool and Spa done up to look like a hot spring in a tropical rainforest also attached to house.

Further on I’d build a large Dirt Bike and BMX track for my husband and my son to play on.

Then with a separate entrance from my residential property I’d build Four Archery Ranges and a Club House, complete with hi tech security for the use of Boolaroo Bowmen Archery Club and its members.

Yeah I’d have to be a Billionaire Pfft but a girl can always dream 🙂

I don’t NEED any of this stuff, but I think the point of the task was for all out ultimate fantasy.

Post 48 of 365 Writing Post Prompts 2014 (M27)


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