First Light

First Light- Post 56 of 365 writing post prompts 2014 (M29)

At the end of yesterday’s post prompt it asked us to place a note book by our bed that night and to jot down the first thing we thought of upon waking, whether coherent or not.

For today’s post we are asked to write a post based on that first thought.

I was actually awakened in the earlier hours of this morning by a rather strange dream. I had my pen and pad next to the bed so I jotted down a few things I could remember in case on falling back asleep I was to forget them.

I had this >>>>>

  • Mum & dads floor collapsing and hay all over the floor
  • A Plague of Lizards that when picked up turn into dinosaurs toys over running their house
  • Back at my house Plague of green tree frogs, very cute and impossible to catch by anyone other than Murray
  • At Work and cut off Red MG’s soft top

It was the part of the dream that took place at work that really startled me, it seemed so real. I lay there thinking to myself ‘whatever possessed you to damage that car’ then as I got agitated I had to remind myself it was only a dream. I got up went to the bathroom and then took my notes. I tried to shake the feeling of doom that the dream had laid over me as I climbed back into bed.

I lay awake for quite a while pondering the dream.

Visions of the floor under my feet collapsing and falling onto bales of hay – My parents don’t have bales of hay stored under their house so I’m not sure where that came from, but their bathroom floor did rot out from water damage and have to partly be replaced a few years back.

Visions of my mother and myself running around trying to catch lizards that when we touched them ‘POP’ turned into plastic toy dinosaurs – this does not surprise me, as my mind loves to throw me strange little visions like this.

Now the part with the green tree frogs was a little bit odd. Plague is not the right word as there wasn’t hundreds and hundreds of them like with the lizards, it was more like 15 to 30. They were hoping around the kitchen and a few of them hopped into Murray’s tank. Murray is our pet Snake, a Murray Darling Python. I without avail tried to catch the frogs but they would pass right through my hands. Murray was eating them! The odd part you ask. Murray Darling Pythons don’t eat frogs, they eat birds and rodents. You can keep snakes, frogs, lizards and the like in the same tanks. Cold blood doesn’t eat cold blood. They may attack each other for fear or dominance, but not eat them whole (you can prove me wrong here if you like, but that is my understanding). Nothing that really bothered me too much with this part, it was just weird.

Now we get to the bit that disturbed me; (I should point out that I work part time at a mechanical workshop doing office admin) I set out with a pair of scissors, walked into the workshop and took to cutting up the roof off of a rather expensive convertible MG. What the Hell. It was like I was possessed. I don’t really think you could cut up a roof with a pair of office paper scissors. You could probably put holes in it by stabbing the scissors with force like a knife, but that could be said with the likes of a screw driver also. If I wanted to destroy a car I would drive it into a tree or attack it with a grinder or something, there a plenty of tools at work better equipped for cutting or smashing things. Anyway I wouldn’t want to destroy a customer’s car. I really wish I had the back story here from my subconscious, I wonder at whose car it was. Maybe tonight I’ll find out.

I really couldn’t find any meaning behind any of this. I’m all for imaging strange pointless things, but this dream wasn’t even enjoyable. I was really at a loss to figure out at what on earth my imagination was playing at.

Comedy of Errors

Comedy of Errors – Post 55 of 365 writing post prompts 2014 (M29)

Murphy’s Law says, “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” Today’s post asks us to write about a time when everything did go wrong (Fiction Encouraged).

Once upon a time

In a land not far away

I was supposed to get married

To a bloke named Murphy

Oh yay!

But on the day there was a massive storm

And by the time I made it to the chapel

The wind had blown the roof away

And turned the chapel to rubble

We made it to a replacement

A little country chapel on a hill

And as we were about to say the words

There came another wicked rumbling still

We were trampled by herds

The cows came charging in

And carried Murphy off

After all this I was rather cross

My beautiful white dress was soaked right through

And when I thought it couldn’t get worse

I tripped and fell in cow poo

I made my way home

And a few days later

A call came from Murphy

The cows had carried him half way round Australia

He said he wanted to try again

I told him there was no way the cows had killed all the men that were going to cater

No Yay!

I was sad and solemn as I hung up the phone

All I wanted was a man with which I could create a nice little home

So I went down the street

And who did I happen to meet

A man named bob

He was rather drunk on grog

And he agreed to marry me right there

We ran off and eloped

Bob was better than I had hopped

But every now and then I miss Murphy

Maybe I should have married that man

Oh well it’s too late now

I still cry every time I see a cow

Happily Ever After

“And they lived happily ever after.” Today’s post asks us to think about this line for a few minutes. Are we living happily ever after? And if not, what would it take for us to get there?

Damn you WordPress, Damn you. Are you trying to make me unhappy or what? Fuck It!

Right! Ok. Am I Happy? Bahahahahahahaha. NO. My mind is not idle enough to achieve true happiness. I can be happy and I get a lot of enjoyment out of life.

I ask my husband if he’s happy and he answers yes, but his mood swings I think contradict this. He how ever has the benefit of a simpler mind then mine. I don’t mean simple as unintelligent, I mean it more as able to switch off, think uncomplicated thoughts and, enjoy simple things and live in the moment. I try to be mindful and live in the moment, but one of us has to keep their minds on the future and consequences.

Any of you that have carefree never think of tomorrow partners will understand where I am coming from here; it’s not fun being the buzz kill.

What would it take for me to be happy? Money! To be debt free. Money the bane of my existence. And yes I am working on getting us in a better financial situation, but it’s a long hall, a long term plan.

Post 54 of 365 writing post prompts 2014 (M29)


Today’s post states; Clichés become clichés for a reason. Tell us about the last time a bird in the hand was worth two in the bush for you!

Cliché, hmm bet that’s French. Bet there is a story behind the word – let me Google it.

So apparently back in the days when movable type (big arse printing press where they had to put each letter in as a plate) was used, a plate would be made for commonly used phrases (That makes sense). Cliché was a French word used as the name of this printing plate (Ta Dar, There’s my answer). Today, the word cliché refers to a phrase that has been used so often it becomes commonplace – much like the common phrases on the old printing plates from which clichés get their name. Wow did you enjoy that French history lesson.

Now let’s look at what this particular Cliché means:

‘A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush’ a proverb meaning that it is better to have something that is certain than take a risk to get more, where you might lose everything.

Ok last time I stuck with certainty over taking a risk. Shit. Well I can think of two major events in my life that scream in my head, but they aren’t really anything I can talk about, for fear of who may read this. Damn it, that’s a cop out isn’t it LOL. I can but say that one is work related. I’ve always had the same job since school, yep! Certainty and stability. The other umm let’s just say I was offered a man’s hand, while I was still with another man, Yep I Stayed with Certainty.

I am a risk taker, I thought, or once I was. But it seems on the life altering things I’m a scaredy cat. That sucks! Let’s move on and not dwell on it. All’s well that ends well. Every cloud has a silver lining. In the nick of time. Time will tell. Haste makes waste. In a jiffy. Without a care in the world. The writing on the wall. Time heals all wounds. What goes around comes around.

Hang on “it is better to have something that is certain than take a risk to get more, where you might lose everything” I think maybe I was meant to write about when I stuck with certainty and it was the right choice? Well one can never really be sure if they made the right choice, right?

Yeah that’ll do. My head hurts now. I’m going back to bed.

Post 53 of 365 Writing Post Prompts 2014 (M29)


Weekly Writing Challenge: Object

As I look around my desk trying to decide on an object I pick up my thermos and have a drink.

My Thermos. I love my Thermos, so why not talk about it. It’s a shiny midnight blue steel 750 ml container – so it’s not the prettiest thing in the world, but it’s functional. I was told when I bought it that it would give me 12 of heat and 24 hours of cold retention. I bought my thermos late last year at a 4wd, Fishing and Camping Expo that my husband, my baby son and I attended. There were a great number of things I would have liked to have purchased at that expo, but I was a good girl and only came away with the thermos (my husband did buy a bunch of other camping equipment).

I learnt the hard way with heat. I made a cup of coffee, poured it into my thermos and took it to work. After about two hours I gave up and tipped it into a regular mug so it would cool down enough so I could drink it. Now if I choose to put coffee in it I make it drinking temperature. Mainly though I just use my thermos as a drink bottle. I rarely manage to drink as much water as I should, but with the water being kept cold I end up drinking more, Yay!

Now just for fun – An ode to my Thermos:

Oh Thermos all shiny and blue

You keep my water cold

How much I love you

Your stainless steel construction

Makes you nice and tough

Which is a good thing because I’m careless

And your life is pretty rough

I fill you up with cold water

And toss you in the car

You bounce and roll all over the place

And it leaves not a dent or a scar

Oh my gosh your awesome

Oh how much I love you

I am so fortunate to have bought you


Buffalo Nickel

Today’s Post entitled Buffalo Nickel asks us to dig through our couch cushions, purse or the floor of our car and look at the year printed on the first coin we find, and then write about what we were doing that year.

Hahahaha well the first coin I pulled out of my wallet was a twenty cent piece from 1967.

I wasn’t born in 1967; in fact my mother was only 9 years old and would have still been attending Toronto Primary School. My mother, my Aunt Sharon and my Grandparents would have only recently moved from their small flat in Victory parade above the Workshop that was owned by my great grandfather at the time, to their first real family home, which is where my grandparents still live in Carey Bay. So 1967 was probably a very good year for my mother.

My father, well he would have been 9 years old also, but I’ve never heard any particular stories about that year. Most of his childhood stories are along the line of catching snakes in the bush. He tells stories of getting bitten and getting sick, stories of putting the captured snakes in his dad’s bird cages, then getting in trouble when all his dads birds started to disappear, but none of the stories have a date.

So I thought I’d see that was happening in Australia in 1967 – Here are the things I found interesting:

On the 7th February Massive bushfires devastate much of the Tasmanian capital of Hobart and surrounding areas. Well nothing much has changed there we are and will always be a country ravaged by fire.

On the 1st March the Royal Australian Navy replaced the British White Ensign flag on all its ships with the Australian White Ensign. Woo Hoo we’re Aussie and proud.

On the 4th April the Australian government announces it will not ban the oral contraceptive pill, maintaining that the risk of thrombosis is “very slight”. THANK GOODNESS FOR THAT!!

On the 27th May Indigenous Australians are given the right to be counted in the national census after a national referendum and legislation changing citizenship laws. IT’S ABOUT BLOODY TIME!!!!!

On the 1st July the postcode system of postal address coding is introduced throughout Australia. Wow I’d never thought of a time when it didn’t exist! How on earth did they get the mail to the right people?

On the 1st August Qantas Airways drops the word ‘Empire’ from its name.

On the 1st October the NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service is established.

DRAMA!! Our Prime Minister was Harold Holt in 1967 until 19th December, when Holt disappears while swimming in heavy surf at Cheviot Beach in Victoria. Following the disappearance of Holt, Country Party leader John McEwen is sworn in as interim Prime Minister pending the election of a new government leader by the Coalition parties. BUT 20th December John McEwen announced he will not serve in a government led by Liberal Party deputy leader William McMahon, Harold Holt’s presumed successor, triggering a leadership crisis for the Coalition.

AND the most important thing that happened in 1967 and my ‘Tory’ loving daddy will agree: General Motors Holden exports its 100,000th car and launches its first compact sedan, the Torana! Yeah Baby!!!

Post 52 of 365 Writing Prompts 2014 (M29)

My Mind The Menace Compendium

I was working on my “My Mind The Menace” compendium for publication yesterday, getting the poems in some sort of order and self doubt crept in and I started telling myself I was wasting my time and nobody would like them anyway. I told myself NO you like them so in this world there has to be someone else who will. I’ve freaked myself a bit reading back over them at how raw and truthful some of them are, I’m praying that the fear I’m feeling from not censoring myself won’t be for nothing.

What Book?

What book should I read next?
I’ve got sooooo many on my ‘to read’ list that I can’t choose!
World uttering decision trying to be made here people!
I’ve still got the biggest book hangover from the last book I read (Take me to your reader – see my last book review in the ‘Books I’ve read recently’ section) It was so wonderful I can’t move on.
I think I’m going to have to close my eyes, spin around and point at a book.

Take Me To Your Reader: An Otherworld Anthology

Goodreads Synopsis: Eight Bestselling Authors Come Together To Bring You An Out Of This World Collection…

The two most powerful questions in the universe are “What if” and “Why not.” The best-selling and talented authors who contributed to “Take Me To Your Reader” let those questions guide them when they composed these original and never-before-published stories that combine the most exquisite parts of science fiction and romance. Escape to new worlds of adventure, bravery and love.

Inspired by the #utopYA2014 writer’s conference theme “aliens and outerspace,” these eight authors and friends combined their extraordinary talents to help support the conference that was created to support established and aspiring writers, bloggers, designers, and other publishing industry experts. Proceeds from the book will fund utopYA’s mission efforts of collaboration, education and inspiration.

My Thoughts: I found this book through Robert Zimmerman:

And I loved Loved LOVED this book. I really enjoyed this book as a whole and I can see myself reading its stories again and again. I will definitely be looking up some of the authors other works.

As there is eight stories I’m only going to write brief comments on each one.

“The Divided” by Amy Bartol (Premonition Series. ‘Under Different Stars’)

–> Death divided them. Will she survive his return?

I wanted this story to keep going. I could read a whole novel about Vi, Mattie, So-wah and Clyde, in fact I’d really like to.  In this brief snapshot of the characters’ lives we get intergalactic romance, revenge, action and a glimpse at what could be a much bigger story. You immediately feel for Violet; she’s a young woman with her whole life ahead of her but then her Violet finance is murdered and what follows his death introduces her to a whole other world. Five Stars out of Five.

“Monsters of Earth” by Tammy Blackwell (Timberwolves Series)

–> An intergalactic soldier is sent to Earth…

At the start you think you’re going to get some light-hearted monster slaying romp, but what you end up getting in this very short story is a lot of emotion and a monster that you really hope Helem can defeat. Four Stars out of Five.

“The House on Maple Street” by Amanda Havard (The Survivors Series and Immersedition)

–> It’s always the quiet kid who notices…

This was a nice light hearted boy finds aliens, boy outwits aliens and makes a new friend tail. You get nasty aliens, friendship, action and an average guy as the hero. I also think I would enjoy this story longer as well, maybe the aliens come back for revenge huh? I really enjoyed the Fenton and Travis dynamic, I think they could have some rather good adventures together. Four Stars out of Five.

“The Force” by Heather Hildenbrand (The Dirty Blood Series. The Imitation Series)

–> Spring Break…extra-terrestrial style!

I started reading this story and thought to myself this is sounding very much like that hangover movie but with teenage aliens instead of middle aged men. It got better as it went on and turned out to be about more than just waking up with a mate missing and not remembering what happened the night before. It’s not a bad story but the ending was a letdown for me, I would have liked the romance to build more between Axel and Becca and maybe even see him smuggling her back to his home land (but that’s just my personal taste) still a fun and entertaining read. Three Stars out of Five.

“Ultra-Con” by Tiffany King (The Saving Angels Series. ‘Miss Me Not.’ ‘No Attachments.’

–> Discover what happens when extra-terrestrial fantasy meets reality.

Ahh having your body taken over by an alien force was one of my recurring nightmares as a child. We get good aliens, bad aliens, action, danger and humans caught in-between it all. The story built nicely but then the final standoff seemed too rushed for my taste. Three stars out of Five.

“Snow Globe” by C.A. Kunz (The Childe Series. ‘The Modified.’ ‘One Tiny Secret.’ ‘Lucky Number Four’ {as Amanda Jason})

–> An alien-meets-girl kind of story.

I would have liked it to keep going, I want to know how Kyle goes fitting in on earth. A nice sweet little story about an alien boy finding happiness thanks to a human girl that will leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy. Four stars out of Five.

“The Black Stone Heir” by Sarah M. Ross (The Patronus Series. ‘Inhale Exhale.’)

–> A dangerous close encounter will thrust them together.

This was a lovely well rounded story. We had action, adventure and romance. I really liked how the narration kept changing between the main two characters. It’s a loved each other from affair, unknowingly, and then coming together – Aww my favourite kind of love story. Four Stars out of Five

“The Ascendant” by Raine Thomas (Daughters of Saraquel Trilogy. Firstborn Trilogy. ‘Meant for Her.’ ‘For Everly.’)

–> A girl destined to rule worlds.

I NEED More!!!!!! Wow loved it. In this short story we get action, bad aliens and forbidden romance. I want a whole series of Kyr learning her lessons, coming across Ty each time and then finally how they continue their relationship once she takes on her destined responsibilities! Please give me more to read! Five Stars out of Five.

Oh man I have the biggest book hangover ever. I’m going back to the beginning and reading them all again. Bye now!


Today’s post asks us; if we could un-invent something, what would we choose? Discuss why, potential repercussions, or a possible alternative.

I’m looking at all the different things around me and I’m racking my brain. I can’t think of anything. I’m trying to think of an annoying game or something, but no, not even. Nothing much is annoying me at the moment. Computers and hi tech gadgets do annoy me, but I don’t want to live without them.

Money annoys me. Maybe if we still had a barter/ trade system in place (as well as our current paper system).

It’d be nice to grow some potatoes and swap some of them for pumpkins from one neighbour and for mangoes from another etc. Hmmm I need to go live in a farming community I think.

I always dreamed as a child of growing up and living on the land, I love to give my son that life. But living of the land isn’t what it used to be. It’s always been hard work, but these days in this current climate it’s near impossible.

But I digress; No there is not any invention I would un-invent, even if I crave a simpler life from time to time.

Post 49 of 365 Writing Post Prompts 2014 (M27)