Todays post asks us to read the story of Richard Parker and Tom Dudley =

It then asks us our opinion; is what Dudley did defensible? and what would we have done in his situation.

NO NO NO NO Killing is Wrong!! I hate stories like this, worse when its fact. I didn’t enjoy Life of Pi. I was all happy to think he was tripping seeing animals, but once I realised who each of those animals represented and I played the scenes over again in my head with the people doing the actions, I felt angry and sick, I couldn’t sleep that night, it was horrible. Anyway back to this Richard Parker the 17 year old cabin boy, not the big fluffy tiger. I understand why Dudley and the others did what they did, they chose to survive, they chose their own lives over Parkers, self preservation, I can understand that, but my tummy isn’t strong enough to stomach human blood and flesh. When I eat meat I have to make sure I don’t start thinking about the cute little lamb or piggly wiggly it came from.

Back when this story took place I guess they saw it as they didn’t have a choice. But if someone was to do it these days it would be straight out murder as far as i’m concerned, it isn’t necessary, you’ve got a much better chance of being rescued these days what with current Technology, Flairs and Epirbs etc.

I guess if i’d been in that boat with them back then I would have starved to death and they would have eaten me after they’d finished of Parker or been like Stephens and gotten so crazed with hunger after Dudley already killed him Parker that i’d have tried to eat and drink from him. But i’ll never know THANK GOD because this is 2014 not 1884.


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