Polite Company

Today’s post asks us “it’s never a good idea to discuss religion or politics with people you don’t really know” and do we Agree or Disagree?

If you like confrontation then go right ahead, but if not, better to keep your opinions in your head.

Whether having a conversation about Religion or Politics, you should always respect someone else’s views even if you didn’t agree with them. I would say that in Australia it is far safer to discus Politics over Religion. Politics won’t get you killed, bashed perhaps. When it comes to Religion I think we have to many clashing cultures roaming around, better to keep hush hush then get stabbed on the three o’clock train. I would probably agree with the statement when it comes to Religion as there are some unhinged people out there and you never know how they’ll react. Religion and Politics are always touchy subjects. I don’t have a problem talking to strangers about my political views – they’re all over paid and most of them are a**holes who don’t care about the middle class or the poor.

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1 thought on “Polite Company

  1. Totally with you on your view of Pollies. I doubt any of them could even understand what it’s like to scrape around collecting your 5c, 10c and 20c pieces to get together enough money to buy some milk on a short week. I never start a conversation about religion or politics with strangers but I am happy to finish one!

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