My Favourite

Today’s post asked us, what’s the most time you’ve ever spent apart from your favourite person?

So first up I’d have to figure out who my favourite person was! I’d have to say that for the last six month my son was my favourite person, if I go further back than that things get hazy and messy.

The longest I’ve been apart from my son would only be an eight hour stretch. I’ve been back at work for two months now part time and I’m still really not coping with being away from him. I do take my son to work with me sometimes, but I feel it’s really not fair on him as he’s missing out on play time and proper sleep, and it’s easier to get work done without him there.

I’ve been married for seven years and the longest my husband and I have ever been apart is two weeks, but after being married for about five years at the time, a two week break was nice LOL, after that though I needed him back so I could catch up on sleep! I’ve never been really good at sleeping when I’m home alone.

Bar being away from my son the toughest separation I’ve had from people I love was when my parents went overseas in 2010, Dad played cricket with The Lords Taverners around Manchester and Harrogate in England. Then my Mum and Dad went off briefly exploring Scotland.  They were only gone a month but I can remember crying at one stage, probably around the third week, missing them! Now I’m sure we’ve gone longer than a month before not seeing each other when we’ve all been busy, but they’ve still been just five minutes up the road, nice safe security blanket, but when they were in a different time zone in a different country, not safe, no security blanket. I wasn’t bothered when in 2012 they went to New Zealand oddly enough, maybe because in my mind that’s just next door or maybe because they made it home in 2010 I was more calm. It’ll be interesting to see how I cope when in 2015 they go on their next cricket adventure with the Lords Taverners to South Africa.

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