Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

I haven’t had the chance to do the photo challenge for the last two weeks, so I was determined to try and get it done early this week – so I’m sitting at my desk pondering what kind of photo I could take for Beginning, I was tossing around New Beginnings, New Year etc etc, then I hear my son cooing to himself and I find him >>>

riley stand 1 riley stand 2

So my Beginnings is my son beginning to learn to walk! He mastered standing and now he keeps trying to shift his weight and take a step, but he quickly falls on his butt!! He spends most of his time these days hanging off my legs, he’ll then let go and try to take a step and fall on his butt, he’ll get there in the end, NO RUSH, wish he’d grow up a bit slower actually, he’s changing and growing way too fast.

riley stand 3 riley stand 4


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