Month: November 2013

Oh to hell with it

Oh to hell with it Drew me in And I fell for it Kissed me again And I swell for it Kissed you back I’ll sell you it Not kissing you is pain Oh to hell with it

Today was a first: I took Ellie and Riley for a walk together

Today was a first: I took Ellie and Riley for a walk together. Normally when I go for a walk it’s just my son and I and if my husband comes he brings the dogs. I can’t hold onto all three – 1. Riley in… Continue Reading “Today was a first: I took Ellie and Riley for a walk together”

Tinsel Overdose

Today I found myself thinking ‘‘hmmm how many days until the 1st of December, I want to decorate the house’’ then I was like ‘’EWWWWWW who is this person in my head, GET OUT’’. I then sat and pondered ‘’No I am aloud to… Continue Reading “Tinsel Overdose”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

  My Ellie Girl (not sure if she’s looking guilty or worried). I laughed when I opened my emails this morning and saw that this weeks photo challenge is ‘Unexpected’. My photos are not of anything unexpected, but the story behind them was. This Morning at 4.30… Continue Reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected”

Going for a walk

I went for a walk today along the water near where I live for the first time since I started back at work part time. It had been three weeks and when I’m not walking regularly I forget how much I enjoy it and… Continue Reading “Going for a walk”

Velociraptors & Babies

I am convinced I do not have a baby boy; I in fact have a little velociraptor. Remember Velociraptors the freakishly intelligent dinosaurs in Jurassic park, really good at tracking their pray, opening doors and what not. I came to the conclusion the other… Continue Reading “Velociraptors & Babies”

Warning Body Wash & Baby

I have very sensitive skin and so have been playing it safe and just assuming my son also will have sensitive skin.   QV is one of the very few products that does not irritate my skin, so it’s all I’ve used on my… Continue Reading “Warning Body Wash & Baby”

Finished it!!

So I have finally finished typing up the big box of poetry that I’ve had piling up for the last ten years, oh boy that an emotional trip down memory lane it has been. So to celebrate I thought I would share one with… Continue Reading “Finished it!!”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

When I read this week’s challenge was layers my brain went straight to the scene in Shrek when Shrek is trying to explain to Donkey that Ogres are like onions ‘they have layers’ Which got me thinking, I have layers and some so covered… Continue Reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers”

I Love you anyway Luigi

During the lead up to my son’s birth I was trying to put together a family tree book for him and what followed was destroying my father’s belief that he had Italian heritage, sorry daddy. My father picked up the name Luigi in his… Continue Reading “I Love you anyway Luigi”